Nutrition School Enrichment Kits: Lancaster County

Request Nutrition School Enrichment Kit — Parochial and Surrounding Districts in Lancaster County

For an overview of Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County's Nutrition School Enrichment Kits and kit descriptions by grade, view the Nutrition School Enrichment Kits Webpage.

Important: The form below is ONLY for parochial and school districts surrounding Lancaster County Nebraska. Fill out the form if you wish to have nutrition kit supplies delivered to your school and/or if you wish to have an Extension staff member teach a lesson in your classrooms. These kits are administered through Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County. You may request to check out a kit using the form below. There is a small fee to check out a kit. For more information, contact Alyssa Havlovic, Extension Educator.

To request kits for LPS Non-Title elementary schools, fill out the form on the Non-Title Schools form page.

To request kits for Lancaster County parochial and surrounding district schools, fill out the form on the Lancaster County Schools form page.

If you do not teach in a Lancaster County, Nebraska school, contact your local Extension office for programs that may be available in your community. Find your local extension office.

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