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Lancaster County Super Fair

4-H & FFA Events & Exhibit Dates: August 2-5, 2018 | 4-H Horse Show Dates: August 1-5, 2018 & August 9-10 (Dressage)

2017 4-H & FFA Results Are Available Here

Nebraska 4-H Code of Conduct for Youth and Adults

Nebraska Extension - Lancaster County 4-H
Lancaster County Super Fair Book Resources2018 FAIR BOOK & MORE

These are last year's resources. 2018 resources coming soon.

2017 Handouts
4-H Exhibiting: Overview of Exhibiting in 4-H at Lancaster County Super Fair
4-H Clover Kids: How 4-H Clover Kids May Participate in the Lancaster County Super Fair
4-H Contests: How to Enter 4-H Contests at Lancaster County Super Fair
4-H Static Exhibits: How to Enter 4-H Static Exhibits at Lancaster County Super Fair
4-H & FFA Animals: Requirements for County Fair, State Fair and AKSARBEN
For Leaders: Leader's Checklist for Lancaster County Super Fair
Volunteer at 4-H Food Booth
Volunteer Code of Ethics
Helpful Resources - Static Exhibits & Contests:

These are last year's resources. 2018 resources coming soon.

2018 Helpful Resources - Livestock, Horse & Companion Animals:

Helpful Resources - Horse Patterns:

These are last year's patterns. 2018 patterns coming soon

Forms and Resources2018 FORMS:

Forms posted as available


2018  Nebraska State Fair 4-H Info

4-H & FFA livestock exhibitors ages 10–18 are eligible to participate at the Nebraska State Fair regardless of county placing. 4-H & FFA youth and their families will be responsible for making their own livestock, rabbit and dog entries online for the Nebraska State Fair. Deadline will be August 10.  Online registration will be HERE.

At the Lancaster County Super Fair, 4-H static exhibits will be selected for the Nebraska State Fair by the judges in the respective areas. A state fair sticker will be placed on all exhibits selected for state fair. Alternates will be chosen and notified if they become eligible to participate. Note: In many cases, level 1 projects do not advance to the state fair. 4-H members with qualifying static exhibits will receive information in the mail after the Super Fair about entering at State Fair.


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