Lancaster County Super Fair celebrates 150 years in 2020!

4-H at Lancaster County Super Fair

4-H & FFA Exhibits & Events July 30-August 2, 2020 • 4-H Horse Shows Dates July 29-August 2

4-H/FFA at Super Fair Planning to be a Blend of Virtual and In-Person

Up-to-date information detailing changes is posted at

Livestreaming and Public Showcases

Animal Show Programs

Public Aspects of Super Fair Postponed to 2021

Due to COVID-19, all public aspects of the Lancaster County Super Fair have been postponed to 2021. This includes the 150th celebration, carnival, free music series, free attractions, motorsports, hay hauling contest, mutton busting, pedal tractor pull, big wheel race, watermelon feed and open class exhibits/shows. See press release from the Lancaster Event Center.

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Many 4-H youth choose to showcase their completed 4-H projects at county and state fairs. The Lancaster County Super Fair, held at the Lancaster Event Center Fairgrounds, is produced by the Lancaster County Agricultural Society. Lancaster County 4-H (part of Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County) partners with the Ag Society to produce the 4-H exhibits, events & activities during Super Fair.

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Results from virtual and in-person entries will be posted as quickly as possible throughout the fair!

4-H & FFA Fair Results

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No general public at in-person events, but everyone may celebrate 4-H’ers fair projects through livestreaming and public online showcases!

Livestreaming and Online Showcases


Many forms below are provided as fill-in pdfs. Anyone with Adobe Reader can fill-in, save and email or print pdf files.
  1. Save the pdf to your hard drive and open with Adobe Reader (many Internet browsers have issues with fill-in pdfs).
  2. Complete form and save. Attach form in an email. Or print and mail or bring to the Extension office.
  3. When 4-H staff receive emailed pdfs from 4-H families, we will send a confirmation email. If you don't get a confirmation, we did not get your emailed form.
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Overall Resources

4-H News & Announcements
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Contest Resources & Forms

Public Service Announcement Example Audio
Presentations, Table Setting and Fashion Show Example Videos
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Static Exhibit Resources & Forms

Static Exhibit Interview Judging Example Videos
Clover Kids Show & Tell Example Videos
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Livestock & Poultry Resources & Forms

See Animal Entry Information in box below. See Youth for the Quality Care of Animal (YQCA) requirements on the Livestock and Poultry Project Resource page. Poultry do not require an identification form.

Livestock Example Videos
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Horse Resources, Forms & Patterns

See Animal Entry Information in box below.

Example Horse Videos
Horse Dressage Patterns Patterns Now Posted!
Hunter & English Horse Patterns Hunter Hack Jumper Show pattern now posted! More coming soon!
Western Horse Patterns Working Pleasure Pattern Now Posted. More coming soon!
Trail and Ranch Horse Versatility (Ranch Riding) PatternsPatterns Will be Updated When Patterns are Received from Judge
Miniature Horse Patterns Two Patterns Now Posted. Rest Coming Soon!
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Rabbit, Dog, Cat & Household Pet Resources

See Animal Entry Information in box below. Rabbit exhibitors, see Youth for the Quality Care of Animal (YQCA) requirements on the Livestock and Poultry Project Resource page. 4-H dogs, cats and household pets do not require an identification form.

Example Rabbit and Dog Videos
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Super Fair 4-H/FFA Animal Entries Must be Submitted Online

All 4-H/FFA animal entries for the Lancaster County Super Fair must be entered online at:

This includes stall requests and livestock/poultry exhibitor T-shirt sizes. No paper forms will be accepted! Youth must have been enrolled AND animal project(s) selected online at by June 15. Animal entries may be submitted online starting on June 18. Deadline is Wednesday, July 1, 11:59 p.m. No late entries will be accepted!

This handout (pdf) has more details and step-by-step instruction guides with pictures:

If you have questions about the process or need access to a computer, call Heather Odoski at 402-441-7180.

Exhibitors who enter the following species will be charged a bedding fee: Beef, Dairy Cattle, Bucket Calf and Llama/Alpaca. $10 per head for beef and dairy cattle. $7 per head for bucket calves and llamas/alpacas. Please print, fill out and submit the Livestock Bedding Fee Worksheet to the Extension office by Friday, July 10.

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Nebraska State Fair 4-H Information

ANIMALSAnimal exhibitors (4-H ages 10–18, FFA ages 10–21) are eligible to participate at the Nebraska State Fair regardless of county fair placing. State Fair DNA envelopes and nominations must be submitted and paid by June 15 [note: extended to July 1 for 2020] at State Fair identification and nomination information is online at Step-by-step instructions are at 4-H/FFA youth or their families must submit their animal entries in ShoWorks online before Monday, Aug. 10, 8 p.m. at The Nebraska 4-H website with information and instructions is

STATIC EXHIBITS At the Lancaster County Super Fair, 4-H static exhibits will be selected for the Nebraska State Fair by the judges in the respective areas. At the Lancaster County Super Fair, 4-H static exhibits will be selected for the Nebraska State Fair by the judges in the respective areas. A state fair sticker will be placed on all exhibits selected for state fair. Alternates will be chosen and notified if they become eligible to participate. Note: In many cases, level 1 projects do not advance to the state fair. 4-H members with qualifying static exhibits will receive information in the mail after the Super Fair about entering at State Fair.