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Out-of-school programs are offered outside of school hours in schools or other community centers. Programs are typically available for youth K–12th grade. Youth do not need to be an enrolled 4-H member to participate in a 4-H out-of-school program.

4-H out-of-school experiences are offered during the time children and youth are out of school and their parents/guardians are in need of safe, healthy, caring and enriching environments which offer expanded learning opportunities for their children. This includes before and afterschool hours, teacher in-service days, school holidays, summer months and weekends. 4-H out-of-school programs are designed on principles of youth development, address the interests of youth and help develop their physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills and abilities. These programs are delivered by 4-H staff, trained volunteers or another community-based organization.

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EcoSTEM Activity Kits

Lancaster County 4-H offers exciting, experiential learning opportunities focused on EcoSTEM (Ecology and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through afterschool programming. We currently partner with Community Learning Centers, Family Service, Lincoln Parks & Recreation, and other afterschool programs at elementary schools across Lancaster County to provide on-site programming.

Geared toward youth in grades K–5th, EcoSTEM combines learning with fun and engaging hands-on activities!

4-H staff are available to teach sessions throughout the year. Each session typically lasts about one hour, and includes a brief, interactive presentation and fun activity!

In addition, instructors are invited to teach EcoSTEM activities utilizing three EcoSTEM kits that can be checked out. The three activity kits focus on:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Earth & Water
  • Polymers & Recycling

No cost for this program or activity kits!

For more information or to schedule EcoSTEM, contact Extension Assistant Elizabeth Thiltges at elizabeth.thiltges@unl.edu or 402-441-7180.

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Lancaster County 4-H offers fun, experiential learning opportunities through the iGrow–Corn afterschool program helping youth learn more about corn, one of Nebraska’s top agricultural industries.

Nebraska ranks 1st in the U.S. for popcorn production and 3rd for other corn production! Currently, around 1.3% of the U.S. population is directly involved with agriculture. As communities continue to urbanize, youth are losing touch with modern farming practices. This research-based program is designed to help connect youth to agriculture, help them understand where their food comes from, and learn the many ways corn is used.

The iGrow–Corn afterschool program consists of all — or your choice of — the following:

corn display with banners
  • A display (pictured above) consisting of banners, animal cutouts, corn, etc. (K–12 grades)
  • Worksheets with hands-on activities (3–5 grades)
  • Afterschool presentation and corn germination experiment led by Lancaster County 4-H staff (K–12 grades)

No cost for this program!

For more information or to schedule iGrow–Corn, contact Extension staff at 402-441-7180 or lancaster4H@unl.edu.

Videos of Corn Growing
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Connecting the Dots

Lancaster County 4-H is offering local schools a full-day College & Career Readiness program for 9th & 10th graders!

In this statewide Nebraska 4-H program, students:

  • Participate in a simulation to learn how their choices in high school impact their career path.
  • Complete personality inventories to relate to careers.
  • Talk with local industry experts and post-secondary education representatives.
  • Learn work-readiness skills such as résumé building, networking and interviewing.
  • Have fun learning together!

Schools have hosted this event in gymnasiums, auditoriums and classrooms. Students complete a career-cluster activity prior to attending and then work in teams of two or three based on career interest.

Cost is dependent on student count.

For more information or to schedule Connecting the Dots, contact Extension Associate Kate Pulec at kpulec3@unl.edu or 402-441-7180.

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My favorite part was putting the corn in the petri dish and looking at the corn display. Thank you!

Lancaster County youth who participated in iGrow–Corn activities

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