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Extension's School Enrichment Nutrition Kit Program for Students K–5
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55 Workshops in 4 Days at 4-H Clover College
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Master Gardeners Harvest Produce to Donate to Local Food Pantries

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Lots of tables with homemade cookies in bags and youth talking to adult judges

4-H at the Lancaster County Super Fair

Many 4-H youth choose to showcase their projects at county and state fairs. The Lancaster County Super Fair will be 10 days of fun, August 1–10. 4-H exhibits and events will be the first 4 days, August 1–4. 4-H Horse Shows will run July 31–August 4. Plan to come see the amazing accomplishments of local youth!

a man's foot, ankle and lower leg with a lot of raised, red welts

Chiggers Are Most Active in June and July

In Nebraska, chiggers are most active in June and July, but can persist throughout the summer. What exactly is a chigger? Chances are, you’ve never actually seen one. Instead, you’ve probably discovered hours after spending some time outdoors you’re now covered in some uncomfortable and unbearably-itchy bites. Read more information by Extension Entomologist Kait Chapman.

Image of a green pepper leaf with yellow marbling spots.

Fungicides for the Vegetable Garden

“It’s so disappointing to reach mid-summer, having nurtured a vegetable for several months, only to find disease problems starting to appear! The first step toward control should always be disease identification...” says Extension Educator Sarah Browning. Read more in Horticulture News.

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June/July Recipe of the Month — Biryani

Extension Emily Gratopp says, “A traditional Middle Eastern recipe that will be featured in the developing infant and toddler nutrition education materials is Biryani. This recipe is most commonly eaten with Jajic and, together, they include all MyPlate food groups in a delicious combination.” See recipe in the NEBLINE e-newsletter.

corn leave with lots of tiny black spots

Tar Spot is an Emerging Corn Disease in Eastern Nebraska

Extension Educator John Nelson says, “Tar spot is a relatively new corn disease in Nebraska. It was first confirmed in a few eastern Nebraska counties in 2021, and has since been identified in all eastern counties, and as far west as Adams, Hall and Holt counties. In Nebraska, the most severe incidences of tar spot have been in sprinkler-irrigated fields.” Read more in the NEBLINE e-newsletter.

Monthly Heart of 4-H Award Winner

Jessica Marsh

head shot of a woman wearing a business blazer

Lancaster County 4-H is proud to announce Jessica Marsh as winner of the July “Heart of 4-H Award” in recognition of outstanding volunteer service. Read about her contributions to 4-H!

Head shot of Zahraa Rida

Meet One of Your Local Extension Experts

Zahraa Rida, Extension Assistant

Nutrition Education Program in Lancaster County

Zahraa works with the Nutrition Education Program in Lancaster County. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Master of Science in Education from the University of Damascus in Syria. Zahraa’s focus is not only on nutrition education, but also is supporting immigrants and newcomers adapting to life in the United States. To reach a variety of different groups, she partners with organizations such as the Asian Community and Cultural Center, Good Neighbor Center, Indian Center, Center for People, and El Centro de las Americas. In Zahraa’s first year at Extension, she has taught nearly 300 New Americans (including Afghan, Iraqi, Sudanese, Burmese and various Asian groups) with over 2,000 hours of nutrition education classes!

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