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Feature article: Emerald ash borer in Lancaster County: What to do now

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Cherry Creek Habitat Weather Station
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Live Web cam view: Cherry Creek Habitat

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Early spring pest control for evergreen trees

Correct timing on your pest control measures is key to good control, but that’s difficult when insect or disease symptoms don’t show up until much later in the growing season. Now is a good time to scout for problems in your trees and prepare for control, if needed. Learn more about three common pest problems on evergreen trees.

Eat more dark-green veggies for St. Patrick’s Day and beyond

Most Americans age 2 and older do not eat the recommended amounts of vegetables. Vegetables provide vitamins and minerals and most are low in calories and fat, so it is important to add more vegetables to your meals and snacks. Find 4 ways to add more dark-green veggies.

Dropping like flies

The greatest impact on preventing or reducing numbers of flies is to identify and eliminate attractive breeding sources. When the weather warms up, it will be difficult to control the fly population outdoors, but there are some things you can do to minimize fly infestations indoors. Read Dropping like flies.

Addressing implicit bias

Implicit biases can be positive or negative, and can be activated without you even knowing it. They operate unconsciously and differ from known biases that people may intentionally hide. These biases exist in all of us. Change begins with acknowledging our biases and then addressing them. Read Addressing implicit bias

4-H camps 10% discount for all youth before April 15

4-H summer programs provide all youth a place to discover, learn and grow. With locations at Gretna and Halsey, there are over 50 camps. Early bird discount of 10 percent before April 15. 2019 4-H Summer Camp brochures are available at the Extension office and online. Learn more: 4-H Camp Early Bird Discount

Spring bird behaviors can be fascinating

By the first day of spring, some birds have already started staking out their territories and seeking out mates. Spring is when animals are focused on mating and rearing their young. When it comes to birds, some species have behaviors that may be annoying or even frightening. Read Spring bird behaviors can be fascinating

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