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Feature story: “Youth Voice” benefits youth, communities: 4-H provides multiple opportunities for Youth Voice  Access this article and more here

Cherry Creek Habitat Weather Station
Weather Underground PWS KNELINCO97

Live Web cam view: Cherry Creek Habitat

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Finding time for fitness over the holidays

Finding time for fitness over the holidays may be hard because of the cooler weather and busy schedules. Including physical activity during the holiday season can help you prevent weight gain and release stress. Read Finding time for fitness over the holidays.

Tree seedlings available for spring planting

Bare-root tree seedlings, for establishment or renovation of tree plantings, are available through your local Natural Resource District office November through March on a first-come basis, as long as supplies last. Go to to locate your local NRD’s website, then find their Conservation Tree Program. Read Tree seedlings available for spring planting

Cockroaches: Unwanted home invaders

Cockroaches are one of the most recognized and unwanted home invaders. They are oval shaped with long, thread-like antennae and running legs. Cockroaches are thigmotatic, meaning they prefer to hide in tight places. They prefer darkness, hiding and breeding in cracks and crevices. Learn more, read Cockroaches: Unwanted home invaders.

Plan now for pesticide applicator training

If you have a pesticide applicators license — either private or commercial, or you need to get a new license — classes begin soon. Make plans now to attend the training option that fits your needs. Plan now for pesticide applicator training

Staying connected with family

Research has shown that while in-person, face-to-face conversations are ideal, video chatting is a great solution for connecting with family far away. Read Staying connected with family during the holidays — and all year round

Are you interested in gardening and enjoy helping others? Become a Master Gardener volunteer!

Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County Master Gardeners receive 40 hours of training in return for volunteering 40 hours to Extension programs and activities. The 2019 application and details about the program are online at Be a Master Gardener Volunteer

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