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Feature article: Read for Resilience Program Helps Young Children Cope After a Disaster

Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County 2018 Highlights

Cherry Creek Habitat Weather Station
Weather Underground PWS KNELINCO97

Live Web cam view: Cherry Creek Habitat

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Plant Asters for Fall Color

Asters are hardy perennials that bloom late summer until the first hard frost. Many asters are native to Nebraska and are a late-season source of pollen for bees, migrating monarchs and other pollinators. Learn more. Read Plant Asters for Fall Color.

Breakfast — Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Many families are on the go and schedules are hectic, but it is important to remember breakfast. When possible, do not leave home without it (whether you eat it quick at home, or take it with you for a little later in the morning). Read Breakfast — Don’t Leave Home Without It!.

Prepared, Not Scared. Be Ready for Disasters

We can’t predict every disaster, but we can learn about possible risks in our area that could threaten our families and communities. Being informed can help us be better prepared. Read Prepared, Not Scared. Be Ready for Disasters.

Grazing Calves on Annual Forages

Overall, annual forages, such as brassica-oat mixes, yield good forage when planted in late summer, and provide a high-protein and high-energy diet for a growing calf grazing in the fall. Read Grazing Calves on Annual Forages

Sheet Composting Requires No Turning

Many gardeners have heard of sheet composting, but they may know it by another name — lasagna composting. This is a cold composting method, which requires no turning. Read Sheet Composting Requires No Turning.

4-H’ers Display Skills, Talents & Hard Work at Super Fair

The Super Fair provides 4-H youth an opportunity to showcase their completed 4-H projects. This year, over 780 4-H/FFA exhibitors showcased over 5,000 exhibits (including static exhibits, Clover Kids, animals and contest entries). Read 4-H’ers Display Skills, Talents & Hard Work at Super Fair

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