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Feature article: Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County 2018 Highlights

Cherry Creek Habitat Weather Station
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Live Web cam view: Cherry Creek Habitat

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December Nebraska Ag Climate Update #ClimateTidbit

The globe has had 407 consecutive months (about 33 years) with the monthly average temperature above the 20th century average. Nebraska has had annual temps above 20th century average 17 out of the last 20 years, but 2018 will likely finish below average. Read Nebraska Ag Climate Update December 2018.

New Year, new you: Nutrition tips to a healthier you

Millions of Americans make resolutions every January hoping to improve their health by losing weight, getting fit or eating healthy. Achieve your nutrition goals this year by making small changes to what you eat and drink. Read New Year, new you: Nutrition tips to a healthier you

Garden guide: Things to do this month

January is a good time to order flower and vegetable seeds. Many varieties sell out early. Consider adding garden record keeping to your New Year’s resolutions. Make a note of which flowers and vegetables varieties do best and which do poorly in your garden. Find more to do tips, Garden guide: Things to do this month.

Parenting information when you need it

Are you expecting your first child? Do you have children or grandchildren? Finding reliable parenting information and advice on the web can be overwhelming! How do you know what you can trust? Just in Time Parenting e-newsletters from our eXtension partners are reliable and relevant resources - and they are free! Visit Just in Time Parenting

Sticky situation: Using glue boards to monitor pests

Sticky traps, glue traps or glue boards are inexpensive, disposable, non-toxic cardboard or plastic trays with special glue on one side to capture pests. These can be purchased at local hardware and grocery stores and may be labeled for insects, spiders and/or rodents. Read Sticky situation: Using glue boards to monitor pests

Problem squirrels at bird feeders

Despite popular belief, squirrels can be excluded from bird feeders. The key to squirrel-free feeders is to respect the athletic abilities of squirrels. Like grey squirrels, fox squirrels can jump sideways eight feet, straight up four feet, and down 15 feet, then hang on where it lands. Are you placing your feeders where squirrels can easily climb or jump to them? Read Control of Tree Squirrel Damage

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