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hibiscs potted plant outdoors

Bringing Houseplants Indoors

Extension Educator Sarah Browning says, "Many houseplants thrive outside during summer, growing well with the brighter light intensity, but it will soon be time to bring them back indoors. Most plants grown as houseplants originated in the tropics, so nighttime temperatures dipping into the 40's and 50's F mean it's time to bring them inside." Read more in Horticulture News.

boy yelling at an adult male while grabbing a digital tablet

Understanding the “Why” of Challenging Behavior in Young Children Can Help With Strategies

Extension Educator Hayley Jackson says, "One of the underlying assumptions when thinking about challenging behavior in young children is the idea that all behavior. Whatever the behavior, our job as adults is to look past the behavior to try and figure out what the behavior is telling us." Read more in the NEBLINE e-newsletter.

various frozen vegetables in reusable plastic containers

Extension's Food Preservation Resources

Is your garden producing more fruits or vegetables than you can use? Check out Nebraska Extension's canning, freezing and drying resources for preserving food safely at home. Read more at the website.

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins and Fresh Salsa

August/September Recipes of the Month — Chocolate Zucchini Muffins • Fresh Salsa

Extension Educator Kayla Colgrove says, "National Farmers Market Week is Aug. 6–12. Celebrate by making one of these recipes with fresh vegetables." See recipes in the NEBLINE e-newsletter.

youth holding wind speed devices

Be Part of Something Big! Join 4-H!

4-H — America’s largest youth development organization — is a community of youth learning in partnership with caring adults! The Nebraska Extension 4-H youth development program is open to all youth ages 5–18. Adults — help youth grow by volunteering! Learn more about joining 4-H!

Monthly Heart of 4-H Award Winner

Sadie Hammond is September Heart of 4-H Volunteer

Sadie Hammond holding a certificate

Lancaster County 4-H is proud to announce Sadie Hammond as winner of the September “Heart of 4-H Award” in recognition of outstanding volunteer service. Read about her contributions to 4-H!

Head shot of Kristin Geisert

Meet One of Your Local Extension Experts

Kristin Geisert, Extension Associate

4-H and Positive Youth Development

Kristin works with the 4-H program for Lancaster County. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics. She focuses on 4-H club, leader and member relations/development, provides and teaches STEM/static project area youth learning opportunities, organizes the annual 4-H Clover College and is leader of the Clover Kids 4-H club. Kristin has expertise in textiles and garment construction.

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