four people planting in raised garden beds
Master Gardeners Plant Produce to Donate to Local Food Pantries
teenage girl behind a desk with food items and a projection screen which says Munch Your Way to Health With a Mediterranean Salad
4-H Presentation Contest
contents of a nit kit including a booklet, nit comb and playdough activity
Nit Kits Program About Head Lice in Early Childhood Settings

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Bradford pear trunk broken

Managing Storm Damage in Trees and Landscape Plants

“Severe weather season has begun, with many experiencing damage in trees and landscape plants recently. Managing the effects of tornadic winds and hail is necessary to make the landscape safe again and help plants recover,” says Extension Educator Sarah Browning. Read more in Horticulture News.

Adult cicada

No Periodical Cicadas in Nebraska Until 2032

While there is a lot of attention on the mass emergence of many 17-year cicadas this year, there will not be any periodical cicadas in Nebraska until 2032. We will still get to enjoy our “annual” cicadas. Extension Entomologist Kait Chapman explains more in the NEBLINE e-newsletter.

Give to Lincoln Day and 4-H logos

Support 4-H Youth During Give to Lincoln Day

Lancaster County 4-H Council is one of the nonprofits the community can give to during “Give to Lincoln Day” on May 30, coordinated by Lincoln Community Foundation. Your donation is made bigger by a proportional share of a $650,000 challenge match fund! For more information or to make a tax-deductible donation, go to

sandwich with meat, peppers and cheese

May Recipe of the Month — Pepper Steak Sandwich

Extension Educator Alyssa Havlovic says, “May is Beef Month! Beef is a good source of zinc, iron and protein. This recipe features top round steak, which is an affordable, leaner cut of beef derived from the rump area of a beef animal.” See recipe in the NEBLINE e-newsletter.

foxtail plant in a pasture

Weed Control in Pastures and Hayfields

Extension Educator John Nelson says, “Perennial systems like pasture and grass hay fields present some of the most difficult weed control scenarios for producers and acreage owners in southeast Nebraska. Summer annual grasses, particularly foxtail species, have been especially troublesome in recent years.” Read more in the NEBLINE e-newsletter.

Monthly Heart of 4-H Award Winner

Connor Biehler

Man smiling holding balloons and a certificate

Lancaster County 4-H is proud to announce Connor Biehler as winner of the May “Heart of 4-H Award” in recognition of outstanding volunteer service. Read about his contributions to 4-H!

Head shot of Meredith Kuca

Meet One of Your Local Extension Experts

Meredith Kuca, Extension Associate

Nutrition Education Program in Lancaster County

Meredith works with our Nutrition Education Program for Lancaster County. She holds two bachelor's degrees, one in Exercise Science and another in Community Health. She is grant-funded by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and focuses on reaching limited-resource populations through direct education and Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) approaches. Meredith is usually teaching adults in transitional housing and rehabilitation or teaching older adults, in partnership with the Lincoln Housing Authority. She also leads a youth Soccer for Success (SfS) program. Meredith loves building relationships with participants and community partners to build a happy and healthy community!

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