Lancaster Extension Education Center, 444 Cherrycreek Road in Lincoln, Nebraska

...dedicated to the promotion of education.

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Lancaster Extension Education Center's Conference Facilities

The Lancaster Extension Education Center is dedicated to the promotion of education. Primary use of the center is for Lancaster County Extension Education programs and activities. When scheduling permits, the education center is available, as a courtesy, to other government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Documents for Facility Use

To rent a conference room, first call our office at 402-441-7180 to determine room availability. Then, if you want to rent, an “Application for Use” form and “Policies & Agreement” form (signed) must be returned to the Extension office as soon as possible. Preferably, email to or fax to 402-441-7148.

Tips for using fill-in pdfs

Save the pdf to your harddrive. Attach completed pdf in an email. We will send a confirmation email. If you don't get a confirmation, we did not get your form.

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