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The NEBLINE newsletter is published by Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County and is available in print, e-newsletter, PDF and audio* versions.

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Subscriptions via mail are free to Lancaster County residents. There is an annual $5 mailing and handling fee to addresses in zip codes other than 683—, 684—, 685—, 68003, 68017 and 68065.

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*For patrons of the Nebraska Talking Book and Braille Service

The Nebraska Library Commission's Talking Book and Braille Service records the NEBLINE for individuals with a visual or physical condition or a reading disability which limits use of regular print. For more information, visit the Nebraska Library Commission website, or call 402-471-4038 or 800-742-7691.

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NEBLINE Content & Terms of Use

NEBLINE newsletter content reflects original publication date. There may be updated information and resources on these topics. Visit the Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County Web site for current resources or contact your local Extension office.

NEBLINE newsletter articles may be reprinted without special permission if the source is acknowledged as "Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County Nebline." If the article contains a byline, please include the author's name and title.