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Nebraska 4-H school enrichment programs are learning experiences delivered to youth in cooperation with public or private schools during school hours. These programs, delivered by 4-H staff, trained volunteers or teachers, engage youth in hands-on learning opportunities that support the school curriculum. Youth do not need to be an enrolled 4-H member to participate in 4-H school enrichment.

Lincoln Public Schools (LPS), Lancaster County schools, private schools and homeschool learning communities have integrated 4-H School Enrichment programs. These programs meet LPS, Nebraska and/or national education standards. Teachers consistently give these programs excellent reviews! Of the programs which give pre- and post-evaluations, students show significant improvements in knowledge.

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Lancaster County 4-H coordinates the following school enrichment programs:

  • Embryology (3rd grade) — Started in Lincoln classrooms in 1975, students learn about embryonic development and the life cycle during the 21-day incubation process of chicken eggs.
  • Ag Literacy Festival (4th grade) — This one-day field trip at the Sandhills Global Event Center features interactive stations to help students gain a greater understanding of agriculture and how it impacts their daily lives.
  • iGrow–Corn (K–12th grade) — Students learn more about corn, one of Nebraska's top agricultural industries. The program includes a display, worksheets and/or classroom presentation with corn germination experiment.
  • Nutrition Kits (K–5th grade) — Classroom kits include lessons and supplies for grade-specific, hands-on learning activities to teach students about health, nutrition and physical activity.
  • Homeschool Programs (K–6th grade) — Lancaster County 4-H offers hands-on activities, programs and curriculum to a variety of Homeschool learning communities.
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Lancaster County 4-H partners with other organizations to coordinate:

  • earth wellness festival (5th grade) — Featuring an annual event at Southeast Community College. Students discover and explore the relationships and interdependency of land/water, air and living resources.

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