Successful Farmer Series

The fourth annual Successful Farmer Series was held January 4, 2019 through February 8, 2019. The archived livestream video of the sessions and presenter handouts are available on this website.

2019 Sessions Archived on YouTube and presenter handouts if available:

January 4 - Cover Cropping 2.0:
Part 1: Archived on YouTube | Presenter Handout
Part 2: Archived on YouTube | Presenter Handout
Instructors: Justin McMechan, Extension Cropping Systems Specialist & Paul Jasa, Extension Engineer
Sponsor: Sustainable Ag Research and Education (SARE)

Session Description: Utilizing cover crops has been a popular topic for many workshops and conferences. This session will focus on the next level of cover crops beyond the basics. Justin McMechan will provide an overview of pest and beneficial insects in cover crop systems, as well as strategies and practices for mitigation the risk of pests in cover crops. Paul Jasa will discuss the latest techniques to taking cover crops to the next level on your farm.

January 11 - Alternative Crops
Part 1: Archived on YouTube | Presenter Handout
Part 2: Archived on YouTube | Presenter Handout
Instructors: Nathan Mueller, Extension Educator & Stephen Baenziger, Professor of Agronomy
Sponsor: Farmers Union

Session Description: Winter barley can be used for malting, as a feed grain, for forage, and as a component of a cover crop. Stephen Baenziger will discuss the benefits and needs for each of these uses, as will be the differences between winter wheat and winter barley production systems. Yellow field peas are another alternative crop gaining interest in the area. Nathan Mueller will share his knowledge on adopting this crop into your rotation.

January 18 - Spray Drift Management
Part 1: Archived on YouTube | No handout available
Part 2: Archived on YouTube | No handout available
Instructor: Greg Kreuger, Associate Professor
Sponsor: Nebraska Soybean Board

Session Description: Featuring a mobile lab, this session will provide one of the most complete sessions on pesticide applications that can be found. Information will be given on the major factors influencing drift, an overview on nozzles that are used for broadcast applications, how to utilize the label to maximize pesticide applications, and points to consider when setting up to manage weeds. The session will also cover the latest research at the Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s West Central Research and Extension Center which one of the world’s leading research facilities on pesticide application technology.

January 25 - Changes in Agriculture
Part 1: Archived on YouTube | Presenter 1 Handout | Presenter 2 Handout
Part 2: Archived on YouTube | No handout available
Instructors: Tyler Williams, Extension Educator & Hilary Maricle, Commonground Nebraska
Ag Tech Panel: Joe Luck, Associate Professor, & Kelly Maaske, Midwest Farmers Cooperative, & a local ag producer
Sponsor: Midwest Farmers Cooperative

Session Description: One thing that doesn’t change in agriculture is the fact it is constantly changing; however, it is changing faster than ever. Keeping up with the changes can be challenging, but a necessary part of a successful operation. This session will feature speakers talking about changes in our weather and climate, as well as changes in the consumer and their demands. There will also be a panel discussion on changes in ag technology featuring University and industry experts, as well as local producers.

February 1 - Disease and Nutrient Deficiency ID
Part 1: Archived on YouTube

Part 2: Archived on YouTube

Instructors: Kyle Broderick, Coordinator, UNL Plant & Pest Lab & Ellen Paparozzi, Professor of Agronomy
Sponsor: Nebraska Corn Board

Session Description: What’s wrong with my plants? A new twist on old symptoms. Nutrient deficiency and disease identification is a key component to successfully growing crops in Nebraska and Ellen Paparozzi and Kyle Broderick will cover standard diagnostics and new theories for identification and management of crop disease and nutrient issues.

February 8 - Ag Marketing -
Archived on YouTube

Instructors: Austin Duerfeldt, Extension Educator & Cory Walters, Associate Professor
Sponsor: Farmers Cooperative

Session Description: We will discuss how to develop a written marketing plan and understanding basis and carrying charges, using location-and commodity-specific information. The session will also feature the Marketing in a New Era simulator and the Grain Marketing Plan smartphone application. All attendees will be given access to a computer to follow along.

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