Lancaster County 4-H Online Tree ID and Grass & Weed ID Contests

Tree branch sample

The Lancaster County 4-H Online Tree ID and Grass & Weed ID Contests provides youth an opportunity to test their knowledge of identifying plants that grow in Nebraska. The contests are open to all youth, as well as adults. Youth do not need to be enrolled 4-H members to participate. The 2024 contests will be open from Friday, June 7, 9 a.m. through Friday, June 21, 9 a.m.

See for information about study resources, the Lancaster County in-person Plant Science Contests (June 18) and the statewide Online Horticulture Judging Contest (Friday, June 7, 8 a.m. through Friday, June 21, 8 a.m.).

Contest links will be posted here on June 7
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  • Before beginning the online contest, you will need to fill in all of your information, including full name, county, and 4-H age (age as of January 1st of the current year).
  • The online contest should only be taken once by each participant.
  • The Tree species list from the 4-H Tree ID manual and Nebraska 4-H Weed & Grass plant list can be used, but no other resources are to be used while taking the online contest.
  • The contest will allow participants an opportunity to review the answers prior to submitting. Once submitted, the participants will see their score but will not be able to see which questions were answered incorrectly.
  • No awards are offered. However, some county 4-H programs may offer awards and ribbon placings if they choose to use the online contest as their official county-level contests. For more information, please contact your local Extension office. Ribbons will be provided to enrolled Lancaster County 4-H youth.