4-H Companion Animal Project Resources

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Many youth are involved in Lancaster County 4-H's companion animal program, which includes rabbit, dog, cat and household pets. Youth ages 8–18 may participate by joining a club or as an independent member. Some clubs focus on a specific animal project while some clubs work on a variety of projects including specific animal projects. Youth are required to provide their own animal — raising an animal develops life skills such as goal setting, discipline and a sense of responsibility.

For more information:
Rabbit, Cat and Household Pet programs: Kate Pulec at 402-441-7180 or kpulec3@unl.edu
Dog program: Calvin DeVries at 402-441-7180 or calvin.devries@unl.edu

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Rabbit Project Resources

Rabbit exhibitors, see Youth for the Quality Care of Animal (YQCA) requirements on the Livestock and Poultry Project Resource page.

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Household Pet Project Resources

4-H household pets do not require an identification form.

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Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H Companion Animal Information

This web page has non-fair 4-H rabbit, dog, cat and household pet project information. Resources and forms for the 4-H rabbit, dog, cat and household pet shows at Lancaster County Super Fair are on the 4-H at Lancaster County Super Fair web page.

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