Group of youth holding certificates

The 2022 4-H Horse Awards Night, held Oct. 27, recognized top achievements at the Lancaster County Super Fair and other accomplishments throughout the past year. The theme was “Get Back in the Saddle.” Silver Spurs 4-H club led the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge.


The Nebraska 4-H Horsemanship Advancement Levels program is designed to serve as a guide for instruction and evaluation of each member’s progress. The correct handling of horses is emphasized from the beginning level to the most advanced level. Each level is a huge accomplishment.

  • Level I Walk/Trot — Josephine Polk, Collin Schepers, Christina Zade
  • Level I — Elsie Black, Brooklyn Blunt, Corrine Byrne, Gracen Byrne, Layla Graham, Claire Harre, Gavin Hartweg, Charlotte Heese, Khloe Jackson, Mary LaPlante, Addisyn Lorenson, Reece Mansfield, Renae Mansfield, Micah Monroe, James Moss, Michael Moss, Maria Polk, Emma Riley, Ava Schepers, Paige Schepers, Evelynn Smith, Olivia Thompson, Campbell Tran, Lucy Wacker, Madi Wilson, Lily Wood
  • Level II — Avery Black, Elsie Black, Liz Boshart, Thaxton Bourek, Xavyer Bourek, Gemma Bunz, Easton Byrne, Isabella Garrett, Lena Gropp, Gavin Hartweg, Anne Hastings, Charlotte Heese, Claira Heinzle, Lyra Krutak, Kamree Leader, Ozzie Pederson, Stella Pederson, Drake Plautz, Ameila Proffitt, Mason Raisch, Allison Renken, Max Roberts, Paige Schepers, Taeva Taylor
  • Level III — Scarlett Battles, Lola Bunz, Makenna Coe, Kiara Eppenbach, Samantha Fox, Kayla Isaacs, Tanner McInteer, Morgan Roof, Paige Schepers, Ava Smith


4-H’ers logged the hours they spent working with or learning about horses. The more hours invested, the more valuable the reward! The Horse Incentive Awards are sponsored by the Lancaster County 4-H Horse Volunteers in Program Service (VIPS) Committee.

  • Bronze (minimum of 100 hours or points) — Josephine Polk, Maria Polk, Greta Rogers
  • Silver (minimum of 225 hours or points) — Brogen Frink, Lena Gropp, Charlotte Hesse, Caraline Higgins, Lyra Krutak, Max Roberts, Amelia Proffitt, Ava Schepers
  • Gold (minimum of 390 hours or points, and completed horse record book) — Liz Boshart, Makenna Coe, Anne Cashmere, Kiara Eppenbach, Shea Frink, Addison Gropp, Calli Robinson, Paige Schepers, Ava Smith, Ava Wharton, Lily Wood


  • Top Incentive Stories — Liz Boshart, Addison Gropp, Lena Gropp, Amelia Proffitt
  • Top Incentive Notebooks — Kiara Eppenbach, Lena Gropp, Ava Wharton, Lily Wood
  • Back In The Saddle Award — extra recognition to two youth who got back in the saddle and showed some great grit and passion for their 4-H horse project — Violet Green, Lyra Krutak


  • Bluestem All-Around Miniature Horse Award for high point 4-H miniature horse and youth pair in two age divisions at the Lancaster County Super Fair, sponsored by the Bluestem Miniature Horse Club — Senior: Shyann Severson (horse “Doc”); Junior: Paige Schepers (horse “B Diamonds Fully Loaded”)
  • High Score Dressage Rider Awards for high score riders in the 4-H Dressage Show in both the dressage classes and the western dressage classes at the Lancaster County Super Fair, sponsored by Nebraska Dressage Association — high score dressage riders: Xavyer Bourek (champion) and Alexa Starner (reserve champion); high score western riders: Ava Smith (champion) and Lyra Krutak (reserve champion)
  • Lowell Boomer High Point Jumping Award for the all-around champion in the 4-H jumping classes at the Lancaster County Super Fair — Paige Schepers
  • Top NRHA Reining Awards for highest NRHA pattern score in each age division at the Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H Reining competition, sponsored by Dr. Kelly Stich — Senior: Chase McInteer (horse “I am Magnificent”); Junior: Tanner McInteer (horse “Dual Shernic”); Elementary: Addisyn Lorenson (horse “Glory”)
  • Top Trail Award for all-around champion of the Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H Trail obstacle class, sponsored by Dick and the late Cookie Confer — Chase McInteer
  • Franklyn Manning All-Around Barrels Award for fastest time in the Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H Barrel Racing competition, sponsored by Capital City Horse and Pony Club — Madison Blair
  • All-Around Cowboy/Cowgirl Award — age division awards for most total points scored from specified classes at the Lancaster County Super Fair — Senior: Natalie Plautz; Junior: Madison Blair; Elementary: Drake Plautz
  • All-Around Ranch Horse Awards — age division awards for All-Around Ranch Horse at the Lancaster County Super Fair — Senior: Scarlett Battles (horse “Xtra Little Whiz”); Junior: Addison Gropp (horse “Fit N Cloud Dancer”); Elementary: Drake Plautz (horse “Leo Down Joe”)
  • Wilhelmina Wittstruck Memorial All-Around Champion Award for Lancaster County Super Fair all-around 4-H champion individual, sponsored by Joan and the late Dwayne Wittstruck — Scarlett Battles


The Horse Judging Contest (a Lancaster County Super Fair contest) emphasizes how much 4-H members know about horse conformation as they judge four or more classes of horses along with the opportunity to give oral reasons. The champion of each division receives a buckle.

  • Senior Division: Erin Oldemeyer (champion), Makenna Coe (reserve champion), Faith Oldemeyer (3rd), Noah Jelinek (4th), Taylor Root (5th), Liz Boshart (6th), Caraline Higgins (7th)
  • Junior Division: Amelia Proffitt (champion), Shea Frink (reserve champion), Kiara Eppenbach (3rd), Lily Wood (4th), Claira Heinzle (5th)
  • Elementary Division: Lena Gropp (champion), Paige Schepers (reserve champion), Claire Harre (3rd), Maria Polk (4th), Josephine Polk (5th), Katy Weaver (6th), Brogen Frink (7th), Greta Rogers (8th), Emma Mumm (9th), Ava Schepers (10th)


The herdsmanship contest evaluates five areas during the county fair: condition of the animals, stalls, alley ways, storage, and teamwork or conduct of those participating in the contest. Good herdsmanship shows that they are taking pride in their projects, themselves and their clubs.

  • Large Clubs: Tails N’ Trails 4-H Club led by Kelsey Ebke and Angie Root (champion) and Everything Equine 4-H Club led by Chelsea Sackett (reserve champion)
  • Small Clubs: Boots N Hooves 4-H Club led by Teresa Brandt (champion) and Star City Cornhuskers 4-H Club led by Stephanie Polk (reserve champion)
  • Independent: Kamree Leader (champion) and Layla Graham (reserve champion)


Clubs and independent members take pride in decorating their stall areas at the Lancaster County Super Fair.

  • Large Clubs: Tails N’ Trails 4-H Club led by Kelsey Ebke and Angie Root (champion) and Mighty Lopers 4-H Club led by Mindi Clarke (reserve champion) Small Clubs: Boots N Hooves 4-H Club led by Teresa Brandt (champion)
  • Small Clubs: Boots N Hooves 4-H Club led by Teresa Brandt (champion) and Star City Cornhuskers 4-H Club led by Stephanie Polk (reserve champion)
  • Independent: Chase and Tanner McInteer (champion); Kamree Leader (reserve champion)

Throughout my journey of showing horses, I have been supported by numerous people. They have always pushed my horses and me to perform at the very best of our ability, and I couldn’t thank them enough for making this award possible. My horses and I have worked for so many hours to achieve this great accomplishment, and I couldn’t be more proud of my amazing animals. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to own these animals and to have learned so many great things.

Scarlett Battles, 2022 recipient of the Wilhelmina Wittstruck Memorial All-Around Champion Award
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