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The 2021 4-H Horse Awards Night, held Sept. 30, recognized top achievements at the Lancaster County Super Fair and other accomplishments throughout the past year. Boots N’ Hooves 4-H club led the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge.


The Nebraska 4-H Horsemanship Advancement Levels program is designed to serve as a guide for instruction and evaluation of each member’s progress. The correct handling of horses is emphasized from the beginning level to the most advanced level. Each level is a huge accomplishment.

  • Level I Ground/In-Hand — Hannah Chevalier, Quinn Reid, Emma Riley, Collin Schepers
  • Level I Walk/Trot — Maria Polk, Hollynn Hudson, Meg LaPlante, Mia Manning, Stella Pederson, Ozzie Pederson, Paige Schepers, Paige Schmickrath, Ayviona Sigowa
  • Level I — Avery Black, Thaxton Bourek, Xayver Bourek, Easton Byrne, Gemma Bunz, Lilee Chevalier, Lillie Dixon, Brogen Frink, Isabella Garrett, Maxl Gorham, Sloane Gorham, Violet Green, Lena Gropp, Claira Heinzle, Lauren Johnson, Kamree Leader, Mia Maranville, Mary Miranda, Emma Miranda, Hannah Munk, Tinsley Perry, Claire Polk, Taeva Taylor, Ava Wharton
  • Level II — Lillie Dixon, Sydnee Fijolek, Maxl Gorham, Sloane Gorham, Violet Green, Cayleigh Harre, Kayla Isaacs, Zoey Jamison, Mia Maranville, Addi Morgan, Savannah Wubbels
  • Level III — Sidney Froistad, Addison Gropp, Josie Johnson, Addi Morgan, MaKenna Morgan, Savannah Wubbels


4-H’ers logged the hours they spent working with or learning about horses. The more hours invested, the more valuable the reward! The Horse Incentive Awards are sponsored by the Lancaster County 4-H Horse Volunteers in Program Service (VIPS) Committee.

  • Silver (minimum of 225 hours or points) — Vyvian Alstrom, Brooklyn Blunt, Liz Boshart, Gemma Bunz, Lola Bunz, Kaiah Colson, Makena Colson, Lillie Dixon, Sidney Fijolek, Brogen Frink, Shea Frink, Lena Gropp, Lyra Krutak, Tinsley Perry, Ameila Proffitt, Max Roberts
  • Gold (minimum of 390 hours or points, and completed horse record book) — Scarlett Battles, Ellie Bunz, Michaela Bunz, Easton Byrne, Kaitlyn Dumler, Kiara Eppenbach, Addison Gropp, Natalie Plautz, Morgan Richert, Callahn Robinson, Morgan Roof, Ava Smith, Julia Soukup, Claire Tucker, Ava Wharton, Ella Wieczorek, Lily Wooledge


  • Top Horsemanship Levels — Lillie Dixon, Violet Green, Mia Maranville, Addi Morgan, Savannah Wubbels
  • Top Incentive Stories — Scarlett Battles, Liz Boshart, Ellie Bunz, Lola Bunz, Lena Gropp, Natalie Plautz
  • Top Incentive Notebooks — Kiara Eppenbach, Lena Gropp


  • Bluestem All-Around Miniature Horse Award for high point 4-H miniature horse and youth pair in two age divisions at the Lancaster County Super Fair, sponsored by the Bluestem Miniature Horse Club — Senior: Ava Wharton (horse “D.M. King Chipette”); Junior: Kiara Eppenbach (horse “Lit Bit O Country Levi”)
  • High Score Dressage Rider Awards for high score riders in the 4-H Dressage Show in both the dressage classes and the western dressage classes at the Lancaster County Super Fair, sponsored by Nebraska Dressage Association — high score dressage riders: Alexa Starner (champion) and Skylar Frisbie (reserve champion); high score western riders: Lyra Krutak (champion) and Sidney Froistad (reserve champion)
  • Lowell Boomer High Point Jumping Award for the all-around champion in the 4-H jumping classes at the Lancaster County Super Fair — Anne Cashmere
  • Top NRHA Reining Awards for highest NRHA pattern score in each age division at the Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H Reining competition, sponsored by Dr. Kelly Stich (this year, two age divisions qualified) — Senior: Sidney Froistad; Junior: Scarlett Battles
  • Top Trail Award for all-around champion of the Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H Trail obstacle class, sponsored by Dick and the late Cookie Confer — Caraline Higgins
  • Franklyn Manning All-Around Barrels Award for fastest time in the Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H Barrel Racing competition, sponsored by Capital City Horse and Pony Club — Lillie Beach
  • All-Around Cowboy/Cowgirl Award — age division awards for most total points scored from specified classes at the Lancaster County Super Fair — Senior: Clara Bradbury; Junior: Natalie Plautz; Elementary: Violet Green
  • All-Around Ranch Horse Awards — age division awards for All-Around Ranch Horse at the Lancaster County Super Fair are sponsored by Olive Creek Acres Performance Horses – Brian and Shannon Vogler (this year, only one age division winner used the same horse in all three events) — Senior: Natalie Plautz (horse “Poco’s Lucky Kandi”)
  • Wilhelmina Wittstruck Memorial All-Around Champion Award for Lancaster County Super Fair all-around 4-H champion individual, sponsored by Joan and the late Dwayne Wittstruck — Emmi Dearmont


The Horse Judging Contest (a Lancaster County Super Fair contest) emphasizes how much 4-H members know about horse conformation as they judge four or more classes of horses along with the opportunity to give oral reasons. The champion of each division receives a buckle.

  • Senior Division: Rayley Burnside (champion), Ellie Bunz (reserve champion), Erin Oldemeyer (3rd), Emmi Dearmont (4th), Julia Soukup (5th), Kali Maytum (6th), Lilee Chevalier (7th), Emily Kerbs (8th), Emma Miranda (9th), Samantha Fox (10th)
  • Junior Division: Faith Oldemeyer (champion), Sydney Docter (reserve champion), Taylor Root (3rd), Caraline Higgins (4th), Lily Wooledge (5th), Elizabeth Funk (6th), Bailey Docter (7th), Ava Smith (8th), Tayler Docter (9th), Sydnee Fijolek (10th)
  • Elementary Division: Lola Bunz (champion), Kiara Eppenbach (reserve champion), Lena Gropp (3rd), Easton Byrne (4th), Greta Rogers (5th), Maria Polk (6th), Hannah Chevalier (7th), Meg LaPlante (8th)


The herdsmanship contest evaluates five areas during the county fair: condition of the animals, stalls, alley ways, storage, and teamwork or conduct of those participating in the contest. Good herdsmanship shows that they are taking pride in their projects, themselves and their clubs.

  • Large Clubs: Rusty Spurs 4-H Club led by Joy Plautz (champion) and Lucky Lopers 4-H Club led by Katie Cruickshank (reserve champion)
  • Small Clubs: Sheridan Shamrocks 4-H Club led by Andy Dearmont (champion) and Rokeby Dairy 4-H Club led by Janeen Marsh (reserve champion)
  • Independent: Ava Wharton (champion)


Clubs and independent members take pride in decorating their stall areas at the Lancaster County Super Fair.

  • Large Clubs: Lucky Lopers 4-H Club led by Katie Cruickshank (champion) and Tails N’ Trails 4-H Club led by Kelsey Ebke (reserve champion)
  • Small Clubs: Boots N Hooves 4-H Club led by Teresa Brandt (champion) and Rock’n Riders 4-H Club led by Ruth Laue (reserve champion)
  • Independent: Ava Wharton (champion)
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I've always been surrounded by an immense amount of support from my peers throughout my career in 4-H. Their encouragement has helped me to achieve the goals I have set for myself as a horsewoman. Over the years, I've worked with my horses to learn new disciplines and become better at the disciplines we already knew how to do. I am extremely grateful to be the recipient of this award and I would not be where I am today without the ongoing support from my horse friends and family.

Emmi Dearmont, 2021 recipient of the Wilhelmina Wittstruck Memorial All-Around Champion Award
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