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Gardening Book List for Children
Mary Jane Frogge, Nebraska Extension Associate
Gardening Book List for Children
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Gardening Book List for Children
TitleAuthorGrade Level
Sunflower House Eve Bunting K-3
A Seed Grows : My First Look at a Plant's Life Cycle (My First Look at Nature) Pamela Hickman K-3
Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots: Gardening Together with Children Sharon Lovejoy 4-8
Green Thumbs: Teaching Children the Joy of Gardening Laurie Carlson 4-8
Kid's Pumpkin Projects: Planting and Harvesting Fun Deanna F. Cook 4-8
Investigative Learning with The Private Eye Kerry Ruef 4-9
The Growing Classroom Roberta Jaffe 2-6
Learn and Play in the Garden Meg Herd pre K-4
In the Three Sisters Garden Joanne Dennee 1-6
A Child's Garden: Enchanting Outdoor Spaces for Children and Parents Molly Dannenmaier 1-8
Tiny Green Thumbs C.Z. Guest pre K-2
The Children's Kitchen Garden: A Book of Gardening, Cooking and Learning Georgeanne Brennan K-7
Eat the Fruit, Plant the Seed Millicent Selsam K-3
This Year's Garden Cindy Ryant K-3
Mrs. Plum's Paradise Elisa Trimby K-3
The Beetle Bush Beverly Keller K-4
Growing Colors Bruce McMillan pre K
Now I Know all about Seeds Susan Kuchalla pre K-1
The Tiny Seed  Eric Carle K-3
Pumpkin, Pumpkin  Jeanne Titherington pre K-1
Growing Vegetable Soup  Lois Ehlert  K-1
Frog and Toad Together  Arnold Lobel  K-2
Pumpkin People  David Cavagnaro pre K-4
The Reason for a Flower  Ruth Heller K-3
The Carrot Seed  Ruth Krauss K-3
Gardening with Kids  Sharon MacLatchie K-6
Corn is Maise, Gifts of Indians  Aliki K-3
How a Seed Grows  Helen Jordan K-2
My Garden: A Journal  Louise Murphy 1-6
Linnea's Windowsill Garden  Christina Bjork 4-5
In My Garden:  A Child's Garden  Helen Oechsli 1-4
Rosy's Garden  Satomi Ichikawa 3-5
From Seed To Salad  Hannah Lyons Johnson 3-5
Your First Garden Book  Marc Brown 2-4
Linnea's Almanac  Christina Bjork 4-5
The Science Book of Things that Grow  Neil Ardley 3-5
Hoe, Hoe, Hoe Watch My Garden Grow  Mark Daddona 4-6
The Plants We Eat  Millicent Selsam 4-6
Gardening Naturally  D. X. Fenten 6-8
The Victory Gardens Kid's Book  Marjorie Waters 3-6
Kids Gardening: A Kid's Guide to Messing Around in the Dirt  Kevin Rafferty  4-6
Lets Grow!  Linda Tilgner 1-6
Sow and Grow  Gabrielle Woolfritt 2-4
From Flower to Fruit  Anne Ophelia Downden 6-8
From Seed to Plant   Gail Gibbons 1-3
How Seeds Travel  Cynthia Overbeck 5-6
Seeds and Seedlings  Terry Jennings 3-6
Seeds Get Around  Nancy White pre K-2
Seeds: Pop, Stick, Glide   Patricia Lauber 2-5
How Seeds Travel: Popguns and Parachutes  Jane B. Moncure 4-6
My First Look at Nature  Dorling Kindersley pre K-1
Get Growing!  Lois Walker 1-5
More That Just a Vegetable Garden  Dwight Kuhn 2-6
Nicky the Nature Detective  Ulf Svedberg 4-6
A Kid's First Book of Gardening  Derek Fell 2-6
Planting A Rainbow  Lois Ehlert K-1
The Kid's Nature Book Susan Milord 4-7
Grow It!  Erika Markmann 2-5
Vegetable Garden  Douglas Florian pre K-1
Honeysuckle Sippings: Plant Lore of Childhood  Jeanne R. Chesanow 4-6
Gardening Wizardry for Kids  L. Patricia Kite 3-8
Sunflower Houses  Sharon Lovejoy 4-8
The Amazing Potato Book  Paulette Bourgeois 2-6
The Amazing Dirt Book  Paulette Bourgeois 2-6
More Than Just a Flower Garden  Dwight Kuhn 2-6
City Green  DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan 6-8
Weird Things You Can Grow  Janet Goldenberg 3-8
Grandpa's Garden Lunch  Judith Caseley 3-5
The Cabin Faced West  Jean Fritz  3-5
My Side of the Mountain  Jean George 4-6
Where the Lilies Bloom  V. Cleaver and B. Cleaver  4-7
Wise Child  Monica Furlong 5-7


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