Head Lice Resources You Can Trust

Head Lice Resources You Can Trust:

The educational resources on this site are current, reliable and research-based. You won't find gimmicks or tricks--only science-based information that makes sense and works!


Head Lice, School and Your Child: A Helpful Guide. Developed Fall 2016, this resource is based on current, research-based information. Schools can add their logo and contact information on the upper right hand corner and share with staff, parents and caregivers:

Arabic Language Family Quick Guides to "Removing Head Lice Safely":

More Resources:

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Removing Head Lice Safely On-Line Videos

Educational videos are available free on-line in English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. Watch all available language versions free on one of our channels:

Available on DVD & Videotape

The Removing Head Lice Safely DVD has English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian languages in one convenient, low-price package. Great for schools, health educators and more

School nurses, day care homes & child care facillities, community educators...

Family Quick GuideRemoving Head Lice Safely on DVD:

English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian language versions on one DVD for $10 plus Shipping & Handling. There is no shipping and handling charges if you are able to pick it up in our office.

Family Quick GuideVideotapes are $3 each (plus Shipping & Handling if mailed). Choose English, Spanish, Arabic or Russian. Continuous loop English versions are also available.

Family Quick GuideOrder Form for DVD's & Videotapes

There is a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more to same address and a discount on shipping. Call 402-441-7180 for multiple orders and pricing.

Also included with each order is a printed "Quick Guide for Removing Head Lice Safety" with combing instructions.