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Local Pest Diagnostic Services

  • Beginning October 2020, Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County will temporarily not be able to accept dropped-off specimens for identification. Residents are encouraged to email photos of insects and pests, or questions to entomologists Kyle Koch ( or Jody Green ( If specimen drop-off is required for identification, it can be submitted to Kyle Koch at the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic.
  • For wildlife-related questions, visit There are helpful resources on the website and Nebraskans are able to "ask an expert" about their local wildlife concerns.

Pest and Wildlife News and Information

Pollinator Habitat Live Cam

Just north of our office, we've created a habitat to help promote an awareness for native pollinators. Of course, other wildlife also use the habitat. We have a live web cam on the habitat. This educational site will continue to grow and change through the seasons.

Learn more & view live cam here

Bug Word Search

Nebraska Extension handout (pdf) "Bug Word Search"

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