Heart of 4-H Award Winner: UNL Department of Food Science and Technology

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Lancaster County 4-H presents a Heart of 4-H Award to a Lancaster County 4-H volunteer each month in recognition of outstanding volunteer serice. The purpose of this award is to recognize volunteers who are, indeed, the heart of 4-H.

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January 2024
UNL Department of Food Science and Technology
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UNL Food Science and Technology Department staff and graduate students who presented a recent 4-H workshop: (L–R) Liya Mo (student), Carmen Sabillon (intern), Andreia Bianchini (Associate Professor), Junsi Yang (Lecturer) and Emily Dowell (student).

Lancaster County 4-H is proud to announce the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Department of Food Science and Technology (FST) as winner of the January “Heart of 4-H Award” in recognition of outstanding volunteer service.

Since 2021, FST staff and graduate students, with the support of student ambassadors, have presented several food science workshops to 4-H youth — including at 4-H Clover College and Youth Science Day for Homeschooled Youth. Associate Professor Dr. Andreia Bianchini, and Student Services Coordinator Sara Roberts collaborated with Lancaster County 4-H staff and 4-H volunteer Trevor Kauer to present hands-on workshops such as “Slime, Jelly Worms & Goo” and “Bubbles & Fizz.” FST personnel have gone above and beyond in their program delivery.

“My favorite part when offering activities in collaboration with 4-H is watching students discover science in their daily lives, while learning about foods and our food supply system,” says Andreia Bianchini. “Every ‘wow’ and ‘aha moment’ from students is what we live for! Also, the opportunity to open additional career paths to older students, who may have never considered STEM otherwise, is most rewarding!”

Extension Associate Kristin Geisert says, “Our 4-H’ers are always excited to attend a workshop presented by the Food Science and Technology team! They teach the science concepts in such fun and innovative ways, which holds the attention of the youth. The incorporation of food is the ‘icing on the cake’ — an added bonus for the participants.”