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Garden Poetry
Mary Jane Frogge, Extension Associate
Garden Poetry

Poetry provides a way to express your feelings and describe everyday things in a unique and personal way. Try writing in one of this poetry styles:

Image of a garden haiku poem. Haiku is a type of poetry that originated in Japan. This poem has three lines; that have five, seven and five syllables each. With this style of poem you want to describe an object or subject in just a few words. Select an object, subject or place and describe how it makes you feel or what you hear and see.

First line: five syllables

Second line: seven syllables

Third line: five syllables

Cinquain (pronounced sin-cane) is a five line poem that describes and expresses your feelings about a certain subject. Cinquain poems are easily written, often without the writer knowing they are writing poetry.

Take a piece of paper and draw the following blank lines:

image of cinquain poem format.

Follow these directions to write your Cinquain poem:

  • Line 1: Pick a subject, name it with one word
  • Line 2: Describe the subject with two words
  • Line 3: Use three words to describe what the subject does
  • Line 4: Write four words for how you feel about the subject
  • Line 5: Write another word (one word) for the subject

Image of yellow flower.Example:


Colorful Beautiful

Bloom Decorate Attract

Admire Love Enjoy Appreciate


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