2021 4-H Achievement Celebration Awards

Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County and 4-H Council presented the Lancaster County 4-H Achievement Virtual Celebration on Tuesday, Feb. 23. The theme was “Shine On 4-H’ers!” The light of accomplishments by 4-H members, clubs and leaders in 2020 was spotlighted! Lancaster County 4-H congratulates all 4-H youth who shine! The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners proclaimed Feb. 23 as “4-H Achievement Day” — see proclamation.


  • Master of Ceremonies: Sara Hansen
  • Pledges led by: Kylie Hansen
  • Presenting the Outstanding 4-H Clubs, Kiwanis Scholarship Award and reading the Lancaster County Commissioners’ Proclamation of 4-H Achievement Day: Lincoln Center Kiwanis member Dayle Williamson


The Nebraska 4-H Achievement Application is a record of a 4-H member’s annual achievements in 4-H, including accomplishments, leadership experiences, community service and career exploration. Each Lancaster County4-H'er submitting an Annual Achievement application will receive a $30 Activity Certificate from Lancaster County 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

  • Completed a Junior application: Noah Babcock, Samuel Babcock, Khloe Cuttlers, Adam Gabel, Ethan Gabel, Morgan Gabel, Sarah Lange, Micah Pracheil, Linsey Sheldon, Alexa Smith, Kamryn Wanser
  • Completed a Senior application: Clare Bauman, Aleyna Cuttlers, Kylie Hansen, Madelyn Kreifels


Nebraska 4-H Clubs of Excellence have met the criteria outlined by the State 4-H Office to be considered a “Club of Excellence.” Some of the criteria includes: choose/elect youth officers, have one club project members do together and complete one community service project.

  • Clever Clovers, Explorers, Fantastic 4, Five Star 4-H'ers, Fusion 4-H'ers, Horticulture 4-H Club, Joe’s Clover Knights, Lancaster Leaders, Little Green Giants, NE Equestrian, Rabbits R Us


The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program is a statewide program which encourages 4-H members to engage in a variety of projects and activities. Every 4-H'er who participates can earn recognition! At the beginning of the 4-H year, youth choose goals from a provided list, and at the end of the 4-H year, complete a report which documents their accomplishments. Youth may progress from Level 1–6.

  • Level 1 – Amethyst: Logan Barnard, Madelyn Barnard, Monica Bauman, Tenley Bauman, Helayna DeBuhr, Anna Fousek, Vedkaelle Jean Baptiste, Dayton Jons, Meredith Marsh, Evan Mittan–DeBuhr, Mason Moscrip, Brooklynn Nelsen, Grant Oliver, Amorita Payne, Alexa Smith, Emily Smith, Gabriella Smith, Katy Weaver, Gianna Wesely
  • Level 2 – Aquamarine: Morgan Roof, Emmy Sheldon, Reagan Tonkin, Kaily Wesely
  • Level 3 – Ruby: Vyvian Alstrom, Dailee Guthrie, Vanessa Peterson, Micah Pracheil, Susannah Schulte, Linsey Sheldon
  • Level 4 – Sapphire: Andrew Frain, Sarah Lange, Kamryn Wanser
  • Level 5 – Emerald: Mindy Bartels, Clare Bauman, Celia Faith, Kylie Hansen, Hannah Thomson
  • Level 6 – Diamond: Nathaniel Gabel


Presented to 4-H'ers who have completed the most hours of community service. Award recipients receive a $30 Activity Certificate from Lancaster County 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

  • Age 13 and under: Khloe Cuttlers, Andrew Frain, Nettie Lunquist, Brooklynn Nelsen, Amorita Payne, Alexa Smith, Reagan Tonkin, Kamryn Wanser, Lily Wooledge
  • Age 14 and over: Jonathan Cook, Thomas Cook, Aleyna Cuttlers, Abigail Kreifels, Madelyn Kreifels, Mischa Lunquist, Christina Xu


Each year, Lancaster County 4-H selects 4-H members to be awarded the National Leadership Award on behalf of the American Youth Foundation. Lancaster County 4-H Council pays the award fees. The award recognizes youth ages 15–18 who strive to be their personal best and make a positive difference in their schools, youth groups, 4-H clubs, and communities. Award recipients receive William H. Danforth’s motivational book, I Dare You!

  • Samuel Babcock, Mindy Bartels, Celia Faith, Clara Johnson, Allison Walbrecht


To encourage participation in the county fair, Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club awards traveling trophies to the top 4-H clubs participating in the Lancaster County Super Fair. One category winner is awarded the Wayne C. Farmer Memorial Cup as the overall Outstanding 4-H Club for the year. Clubs receive points based on all members’ total fair exhibit and contest placings.

  • Category I (membership of 5–10) & Wayne C. Farmer Memorial Cup winner: Little Green Giants (Leader: Tracy Pracheil). Their 8 members had 126 fair exhibits. This is the club’s first year as an outstanding 4-H club.
  • Category II (membership of 11–20): Fantastic 4 (Leader: Jennifer Smith). Their 12 members had over 145 total entries. This is the club’s sixth year as an outstanding 4-H club.
  • Category III (membership of 21 or more): Joe’s Clover Knights (Leader: Anne Johnson). Their 70 members had 261 fair exhibits. This is the club’s third year as an outstanding 4-H club.


Presented to individuals 14 years of age or older who have excelled in his/her involvement with the Lancaster County 4-H program. Selection is based on participation in a wide variety — and depth of — 4-H activities.

  • Nathaniel Gabel has excelled in county and state 4-H contests such as the Presentations, Life Challenge, Table Setting, Bicycle and Plant Sciences contests. Through his participation in the Lancaster County Super Fair, Nathaniel exhibited in several exhibit categories and companion animal classes. Several of his exhibits qualified for the Nebraska State Fair. Nathaniel is a junior leader and served as president of the Horticulture Club. He is in Teen Council and serves as vice-president of 4-H Council. He has also served as a teen ambassador for the 4-H Ag Innovators Experience and served on the PASE/Life Challenge Youth Advisory Board.


Presented to individuals or organizations who have exhibited consistent and strong support of the Lancaster County 4-H program.

  • Mark Hurt has been a Lancaster County 4-H volunteer for over 17 years! Mark was a leader with the Rabbits R Us 4-H club, is a member of the Rabbit VIPS Committee, a superintendent of the 4-H Rabbit Show at the Lancaster County Super Fair, a main lead for the 4-H Dunk Tank fundraiser as well as many other community service projects. He was also a member of 4-H Council.


The Lancaster County 4-H program offers a variety of college scholarships to active senior 4-H members.

  • 4-H Council — Awards $700 scholarships to active Lancaster County 4-H'ers: John Boesen, Emmi Dearmont, Nathaniel Gabel, Ella Hendricksen, Abigail Kreifels, Madelyn Kreifels, Sophie Polk, Sydney Schnase, David Swotek
  • 4-H Teen Council — Awards $300 scholarships to current 4-H'ers who are active in Teen Council: John Boesen, Allyson Korus, Abigail Kreifels, Madelyn Kreifels, David Swotek
  • Lincoln Center Kiwanis — Awards a $1,000 scholarship to a current high school senior who is active in 4-H: Nathaniel Gabel
  • Dick Fleming Leadership & Communication – Awards a $250 scholarship to a 4-H'er who has excelled in leadership and communication through 4-H: Nathaniel Gabel


  • 2021 4-H SENIORS: Ryan Bajc, Caitlyn Barry, John Boesen, Ellie Bunz, Rayley Burnside, Keren Carlson, Anne Cashmere, Kelsey Cordes, Emmi Dearmont, Kaitlyn Dumler, Grace Fahleson, Cecilia Feuerborn, Taylor Fritz, Bernadette Fulton, Nathaniel Gabel, Madi Hall, Luke Harms, Jacob Harrison, Grace Hartweg, Brett Heinrich, Ella Hendricksen, Miya Higgins, Ryan Jensen, Grant Johnson, Abigail Kreifels, Madelyn Kreifels, Corianna Kubicek, Katherine Malina, Carsen Nagel, Elisa Paider, Sophia Polk, Sidney Schlesiger, Sydney Schnase, Julia Soukup, Clara Speer, Dakota Stolley, Maureen Sughroue, David Swotek, Judson Tietjen, Ayla VanAsperen, Tyler Vander Woude, Ella Wies
  • 3 YEAR MEMBERS: Scarlett Battles, Baylor Belgum, Eli Beying, Griffen Boehle, Barrett Bonenberger, Alli Bornschlegl, Molly Boysen, Josephine Branch, Reagan Breuer, Grant Brim, Bailey Bruss, Gemma Bunz, James Calcara, Jonah Calcara, Livi Calcara, Eliana Carlson, Ellie Carpenter, Maggie Carpenter, Kaiah Colson, Makena Colson, Bella Croghan, Sara Diedrichsen, Khilynne Dieken, Sonja Dingman, Thomas Dyer, Brielle Earley, Collette Essay, Josephine Essay, Adella Fendrick, Frankie Fendrick, Leo Fendrick, Tatum Fischer, Sarah Fisher, Ada Foral, Fox Funk, Kaden Gana, Karter Giles, Khloe Giles, Lucy Glathar, William Glathar, Johnny Green, Dailee Guthrie, Audrina Hance, Cash Hance, Giselle Hance, Cayleigh Harre, Grace Hartweg, Jaxon Harvey, Savannah Hensley, Evelyn Hermes, Alice Hilgers, Cora Hnosko, Levi Hnosko, Rachel Hoffman, Jacob Huffman, Abram Hunt, Ethan Hunt, Tyler Hunt, Emberlin Johnson, Lauren Johnson, George Jordan, Emmett Keierleber, Sarah Kennedy, Siena Kinkaid, Braxsten Korth, Emery Korth, Brooklynn Kosmicki, Josie Kruse, Sydney Kruse, Carly Kucera, Bailey Landon, Isaac LeBlanc, Isabel LeBlanc, Rylie Lieth, Gabriel Livingston, Joseph Livingston, Maria Livingston, Maximilian Livingston, Samuel Livingston, Lizzy Massey, Macey Mays, Mallory Mays, Andrew McCarville, Jack Michael, William Moore, Karlie Muff, Tanner Muff, Hannah Munk, Meradeth Pachunka, Helen Parrott, Bailey Petersen, Drake Plautz, Natalie Plautz, Kanyon Plugge, Josephine Polk, Silas Pracheil, Mason Raisch, Darla Reinwald, Allison Renken, Emily Rhodes, Molly Rhodes, Felicity Rockenbach, Charlotte Sanio, Gretchen Sawtelle, Claire Schindler, Aiden Schmidt, Genevieve Schmidt, Robert Schmidt, Ruby Schmidt, Chloe Schultze, Kenneth Schultze, Kendra Smallwood, Ava Smith, MaKenna Smith, Akeelah Stephens, Kate Stratman, Raylyn Stratton, Reagan Tonkin, Colton Tullis, Nolan Vander Woude, Ryan Vander Woude, Isabella Vogel, Noelle Vogel, Gianna Wesely, Kaily Wesely, Molly Wilkinson, Aurora Wyman
  • 2 YEAR LEADERS: Jason Babcock, Dustin Bogle, Mary Burroughs, Heather Buss, Tim Cook, Amy Frink, JJ Frink, Valerie Hunt, Nichole Mumm, Kelly Pachunka, Tracy Pracheil, Tina Schmidt, Martha Thomson, James Tietjen, Lori Watson
  • 5 YEAR LEADERS: Bob Ferrel, Kim Funk, Heidi Hanley, Rusty Hanley, Jenny Higgins, Tim Higgins, Kari Hoeft, Tamara Simpson, Megan Starner
  • 10 YEAR LEADERS: Shari Becker, Bridget Bogle, Teresa Brandt, Sarah Lanik-Frain, Chelsea Sackett
  • 15 YEAR LEADER: Andy Dearmont, Suzi Dearmont, Angie McClelland, Jennifer Smith



Governor’s Agricultural Excellence Awards are sponsored by the Nebraska 4-H Foundation and Nebraska Investment Finance Authority. Each year, 25 Nebraska 4-H clubs are awarded $500 to be used as described in the award application form.

  • Five Star 4-H'ers, Lancaster County 4-H Teen Council, NE Equestrian, Rabbits R Us, Sheridan Shamrocks, Tails N’ Trails, Unified Showing


Several Lancaster County 4-H'ers participated in the statewide virtual Companion Animal Challenge. The following received purple ribbons.

  • Intermediate Team Demonstration: Caraline Higgins and Taylor Root (champion team)
  • Essay Intermediate Division: Andrew Donlan (champion)
  • Essay Senior Division: Nathaniel Gabel (champion)
  • Art Contest Junior Division: Joseph Donlan (champion)
  • Art Contest Intermediate Division: Andrew Donlan, John Donlan
  • Photography Contest Senior Division: Mindy Bartels (champion)(blue ribbon winner)


State Speech & PSA Contests

The following youth represented Lancaster County at the statewide Speech and Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contests, which were held virtually in 2020. The top five in each division received medals. *Indicates purple ribbon at state.

  • Speech Intermediate Division: Sarah Lange*, Samuel Livingston*, Micah Pracheil, Emmy Sheldon, Melanie Wiggins*
  • Speech Senior Division: Kylie Hansen*, Autumn Lindsley, Gabriel Livingston*
  • PSA Intermediate Division: Cash Hance, Clara Johnson*, Melanie Wiggins*
  • PSA Senior Division: Ella Hendricksen* (medal), Riley Petersen*
State Fair Presentations Contest

The following youth represented Lancaster County at the State Fair Presentations Contest. *Indicates purple ribbon at state.

  • Kylie Hansen (Premier Presenter), Abby Kruse*
State Fair Filmfest Contest

The following youth represented Lancaster County at the State Fair FilmFest Contest. *Indicates purple ribbon at state.

  • Clare Bauman* — Outstanding FilmFest Presenter (1 of 2 selected)
  • Vanessa Peterson* — Outstanding FilmFest Presenter (1 of 2 selected)
  • Riley Peterson*, Micah Pracheil*
State Fair Culinary Challenge Contest

The following youth represented Lancaster County at the State Fair Culinary Challenge Contest. The contest included a live interview with a judge. *Indicates purple ribbon at state.

  • Team — Kylie Hansen* and Abby Kruse*


FilmFest 4-H was held online in August 2020. The event inspires and empowers young filmmakers by connecting them with film industry professionals and introducing them to new technology.

  • Riley Peterson — 2nd Place Documentary for his video titled “Inspiring 4-H Archers”
  • Andrew Donlan — 2nd Place Animation with his stop-motion film, “Journey in July”


Selected and modeled in the 4-H Collection on Student Night, Feb. 25, 2020 during Omaha Fashion Week.

  • Ellie Babcock


  • Clare Bauman – Human Development – Best of Show; Special Recognition – Clothing; Special Recognition – Heritage
  • Jacob Bauman – Special Recognition – Clothing
  • Cole Cooper – Beef: Champion Steer – Crossbred Division IV, Meat Goat: Reserve Champion Division I Market Goat; Sheep: Champion Division III: Natural Color Market Lambs
  • Ella Hendricksen – Special Recognition – Citizenship
  • Mary Kate Ingracia – Special Recognition – Clothing
  • Abigail Kreifels – Special Recognition – Quilt Quest
  • Madelyn Kreifels – Clothing – Best of Show; Special Recognition – Clothing
  • Keaton Kroemer – Special Recognition – Entomology
  • Kolbee Kroemer – Special Recognition – Entomology
  • Heather Lange – Meat Goat: Reserve Champion Registered Doe
  • Ian Lorenson – Sheep: Champion Division VI: White Face Influence Market Lambs
  • TJ Mueller – Beef: Champion Composite Charolais Breeding Heifer
  • Carley Parrott – Special Recognition – Home Environment
  • Brianna Pittman – Poultry: Production Division Champion
  • Zachary Pittman – Poultry: Best of Show – Egg Exhibit; Rabbit: Best of Breed
  • Allison Walbrecht – Beef: Reserve Champion Commercial Breeding Heifer
  • Kamryn Wanser – Special Recognition – Citizenship
State Fair Fashion Show & Shopping in Style

The following youth represented Lancaster County at the State Fair Fashion Show. *Indicates purple ribbon at state.

  • Fashion Show: Ellie Babcock*, Mindy Bartels*, Clara Johnson (Note: Madelyn Kreifels qualified and was prepared to participate, but could not because of COVID-related reasons)
  • Shopping in Style: Ella Hendricksen*
Photography Special Selections

Photograph selected for display at UNL Animal Science Department:

  • Micah Pracheil


Premier Animal Science Events (PASE)

The 2020 statewide PASE in September was limited to the Senior Livestock Judging contest only. Thank you Roger Bell for coaching the team.

  • Livestock Judging Senior Team of Tayden Bell, Lilian Bogle, Sarah Dilley, John Sump and Olivia Vanderford — 7th overall and 5th in sheep/goats
  • Sarah Dilley — 4th in sheep/goats, 12th in oral reasons and 14th individual overall
  • Olivia Vanderford — 9th in swine


4-H coordinated three community-service sewing projects to meet the need for protective gear for hospital staff in Lincoln during COVID-19. During the initial phase called “Hats for Hospitals,” 4-H youth and community adult volunteers spent over 543 ​volunteer sewing hours producing 778 cotton surgeon hats. During the “Sewing for Hospitals” phase, volunteers gave over 352 hours constructing 1,011 cotton face coverings. Some volunteer sewers also donated fabric during these phases. Due to a continued need for face coverings, a third phase resulted in an additional 700 cotton face coverings being sewn by volunteers who spent over 90 hours making the items.

Youth Sewers
  • Top hours: Christina Xu
  • All volunteers: Ashley Brown, Acacia Carlson, Ethan Gabel, Morgan Gabel, Gabriel Livingston, Abigail Kreifels, Madelyn Kreifels, Breanna Pittman
Adult Sewers
  • Top hours: Mary Burroughs, Annette Gruber
  • All volunteers: Celesta Armknecht, Cindy Bittinger, Caryl Bohn, Kathy Boshart, Mary Burroughs, Katherine Connett, Marlene Decker, Theresa Dilley, Jodi Gabel, Claudia Gaiser, Rhonda Greiss, Lisa Guerra, Erin Hammond, Katherine Hansen, Pat Heather, Sonja Jambor, Crystal James, Anne Johnson, Denise Keirbeber, Denise Logan, Kathy May, Laurie McKenzie, Delores Pittman, Tammy Riedel, Claire Schinkel, Hannah Schinkel, Rose Settje, Shar Siek, Georgia Stahr, Tiffany Walker, Mary Wallen, Chrystal Xu


The following scholarships were awarded earlier this year.

Lancaster County 44-H/FFA Livestock Booster Club

Awards two $500 college scholarships to Lancaster County 4-H/FFA seniors, with preference to those who have exhibited in production livestock.

  • Sarah Dilley, Amy Egelhoff
Lancaster County 4-H Council’s Alumni

Awards a $500 college scholarship to a Lancaster County 4-H alumni who is at least one year post high school and has continued participation in 4-H as a volunteer or leader.

  • Valerie Gabel
4-H emblem