2019 4-H Achievement Celebration Results

Lancaster County 4-H

A celebration of the Lancaster County 4-H Year

4-H Achievement Celebration

Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County and 4-H Council presented the Lancaster County 4-H Achievement Celebration on February 12, 2019. 4-H’ers, 4-H clubs and 4-H leaders were recognized for their 2018 achievements. Lancaster County 4-H congratulates all 4-H youth who commit themselves to excellence! 4-H thanks all volunteers whose time teaching youth represents a valuable investment in our community’s future! The Lancaster County Commissioners proclaimed February 12, 2019 as “4-H Achievement Day.”


The Program:
  • Master of Ceremonies — Jodi Freeman
  • Pledges led by Fusion 4-H'ers club
  • Proclamation read by County Commissioner Vice-Chair Roma Amundson

Career Portfolios are a record of an individual’s 4-H career. It includes a record of personal growth and leadership experiences related to the knowledge learned, skills gained and community service/volunteer activities experienced through 4-H. Each 4-H’er submitting a Career Portfolio, will receive a $30 Activity Certificate from Lancaster County 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

Completed a Career Portfolio: Ellie Babcock, Clare Bauman, Aleyna Cuttlers, Khloe Cuttlers, Kylie Hansen, Jordan Marsh, Katie Marsh, Ryan Marsh, Zachariah Marsh, Bridget Smith, Parker Smith, Pearce Smith, Preston Smith

Nominated to represent Lancaster County at District competition:

  • Ellie Babcock: Consumer & Family Science

The Nebraska 4-H Annual Achievement Award is a record of a 4-H member’s annual achievements in 4-H, including accomplishments, leadership experiences, community service and career exploration. Each Lancaster County 4-H’er submitting an Annual Achievement application will receive a $30 Activity Certificate from Lancaster County 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

  • Completed an Annual Achievement Application: Noah Babcock, Samuel Babcock, Ethan Gabel, Morgan Gabel, Madelyn Kreifels, Abby Kruse, Katie Nepper, Riley Peterson, Micah Pracheil, Lilly Riedel, Anna Sump, Addison Wanser, Anastasia Yallaly, Cecilia Yallaly
  • Representing Lancaster County at State: Madelyn Kreifels, Katie Nepper, Anna Sump, Addison Wanser

This Lancaster County Super Fair award is awarded to individuals who enter the same dog in obedience, showmanship and agility — and earns a ribbon in each area.

  • Katryna Boelter, Kaitlyn Dumler, Maleah Jamison, Sarah Lange, Claire Mathis, Taylor Root, Sidney Schlesiger, Emely Troy

The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program is a statewide program which encourages 4-H members to engage in a variety of projects and activities. Every 4-H’er who participates can earn recognition! At the beginning of the 4-H year, youth choose goals from a provided list, and at the end of the 4-H year, complete a report which documents their accomplishments. Youth may progress from Level 1–6.

Level 1 - Amethyst: Liliana Abele, Vyvian Alstrom, Isaac Baehr, Emily Bauman, Baylor Belgum, Brody Bonenberger, Alli Bornschlegl, Acacia Carlson, Elise Chadwick, Khloe Cuttlers, Grace Diederich, Kate Diederich, Sara Diedrichsen, Brooklan Doering, Rylan Doering, Margaret Doty, Emma Evaristo, Ada Foral, Caroline Fulkerson, Kaitlyn Giles, Annalyn Going, Emmalee Going, Isabelle Going, Isabella Grosskopf, Dailee Guthrie, Josie Johnson, Abby Kruse, Sarah Logan, Abby Lutz, Madeline Mailand, Rachael Mailand, Xander Mailand, Betty Martin, Sophia Martin, Elizabeth Moje, Isaac Nemec, Vanessa Peterson, Catherine Polk, Natalie Prichard, Felicity Rockenbach, Claire Schindler, Susannah Schulte, Kloee Schwartz, Brynn Sebek, Emmy Sheldon, Ella Simpson, Julia Srb, Story Stell, Isabella Vogel, Maddie Walsh, Aryanna Wegner, Naomi Wegner, Romar Wegner, Kolter Wellman, Kaily Wesely, Lillian Wesely, Everett Wilkie, Josalea Wilkie, Molly Wilkinson.

Level 2 - Aquamarine: Sawyer Benne, Kaylee Boysen, Gracie Czyz, Gianna Doty, Andrew Frain, Morgan Gabel, Zoey Jamison, Claire Polk, Micah Pracheil, Lily Russman, Linsey Sheldon, Preston Smith, Emma Thomson, Kamryn Wanser.

Level 3 - Ruby: John Donlan, Ethan Gabel, Kylie Hansen, Maleah Jamison, Clara Johnson, Frances Nebel, Lilly Riedel, Parker Smith, Audrey Srb, Hannah Thomson, Katie Timmer.

Level 4 - Sapphire: Mindy Bartels, Riley Peterson, Pearce Smith, Emma Timmer.

Level 5 - Emerald: Nathan Gabel, Ella Hendricksen, Abigail Kreifels, Jared Nielsen, David Swotek, John Swotek, Bethany Wachter.

Level 6 - Diamond: Katie Nepper.

*Level 6 - Diamond with a "Nebraska 4-H Gives Back" Service-Learning Project: Anna Sump is the fifth 4-H’er in Lancaster County to complete this major service-learning project! For her project, Anna helped make 52 Eastern Bluebird houses and gave them away at the Lancaster County Super Fair to acreage owners and farmers. These houses will help Eastern Bluebirds maintain and grow its population.

*The former Diamond Level 6 service-learning project is now a separate award called Nebraska 4-H Gives Back


Presented to 4-H’ers who have completed the most hours of community service. Award recipients receive a $30 Activity Certificate from Lancaster County 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

Age 14 and over: Ellie Babcock, Kali Burnham, Blake Callahan, Thomas Cook, Nathan Gabel, Bailee Gunnerson, Abigail Kreifels, Christopher Moore, Katie Nepper, David Swotek, John Swotek, Addison Wanser

Age 13 and under: Vyvian Alstrom, Noah Babcock, Samuel Babcock, Aleyna Cuttlers, Khloe Cuttlers, Andrew Frain, Kylie Hansen, Maleah Jamison, Mischa Lunquist, Nettie Lunquist, Eliese Schwinck, Alexa Smith, Kamryn Wanser


To encourage participation in the county fair, Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club awards traveling trophies to the top 4-H clubs participating in the Lancaster County Super Fair. One category winner is awarded the Wayne C. Farmer Memorial Cup as the overall Outstanding 4-H Club for the year. Clubs receive points based on all members’ total fair exhibit and contest placings. The Outstanding 4-H Clubs were also recognized at a Kiwanis meeting.

Category I (membership of 5-10 members) & winner of the Wayne C. Farmer Memorial Cup:Fusion 4-H’ers (Leaders: Marsha Prior and Analisa Peterson)

Category II (membership of 11-20): Five Star 4-H’ers (Leaders: Pam Cuttlers, Ruth Chantry, Bill Lange and Tammy Sheldon)

Category III (membership of 21 or more): Joe’s Clover Knights (Leaders: Anne Johnson)


Nebraska 4-H Clubs of Excellence have met the criteria outlined by the State 4-H Office to be considered a “Club of Excellence.” Some of the criteria includes: choose/elect youth officers, have one club project they do together and complete one community service project.

Clever Clovers, Crafty Clovers, Fantastic 4, Five Star 4-H’ers, Fusion 4-H’ers, Go Go Goat Getters, Joe’s Clover Knights, JP2 Crew, Learning Leaders, NBots Robostorm, Rabbits R Us, Super Shamrocks


Each year, Lancaster County 4-H selects 4-H members to be awarded the National Leadership Award on behalf of the American Youth Foundation. Lancaster County 4-H Council pays the award fees. The award recognizes youth ages 15–18 who strive to be their personal best and make a positive difference in their schools, youth groups, 4-H clubs, and communities. Award recipients receive William H. Danforth’s motivational book, I Dare You!

John Boesen, Delaney Meyer, Katie Nepper


Presented to individuals 14 years of age or older who have excelled in his/her involvement with the Lancaster County 4-H program. Selection is based on participation in a wide variety — and depth of — 4-H activities.

Anna Sump has had an ambitious 13-year 4-H career. She has been an independent member, Pick-A-Pig club president, Teen Council vice president and 4-H Council secretary. Last year, she attended National 4-H Congress, as well the National Youth Summit on Healthy Living. She has completed a Nebraska 4-H Gives Back service-learning project.

Addison Wanser has been very involved in 4-H during her five years as a member of the Fantastic 4 club. She has also been Teen Council secretary. She is one of the top 4-H’ers in total number of community service hours completed. She was the fourth 4-H’er in Lancaster County to complete a Diamond Clover Level 6 community service project (now called Nebraska 4-H Gives Back).


Presented to individuals or organizations who have exhibited consistent and strong support of the Lancaster County 4-H program.

Harry & Lois Muhlbach are co-leaders of the Pick-A-Pig 4-H club which gives non-farm youth an opportunity to raise pigs and show at fair. Harry is Superintendent and Lois is an Assistant Superintendent of the 4-H Swine Show at the Lancaster County Super Fair. Harry has been a 4-H volunteer for 39 years and Lois for 6 years.


The Lancaster County 4-H program offers a variety of college scholarships to active senior 4-H members.

Lancaster County 4-H Council: Awards $700 scholarships to active Lancaster County 4-H'ers: Cole Cooper, Chloe Hammond, Hannah Hoge, Katie Nepper, Jared Nielsen, Madelaine Polk, Anna Sump, Addison Wanser, Jenna White

4-H Teen Council: Awards $300 scholarships to current 4-H'ers who are active in Teen Council: Chloe Hammond, Anna Sump

Lincoln Center Kiwanis: Awards a $1,000 scholarship to current high school senior who is active in 4-H: Madelaine Polk

NEW! Dick Fleming Leadership & Communication Award: Awards a $250 scholarship to a 4-H’er who has excelled in leadership and communication through 4-H: Anna Sump


Governor’s Agricultural Excellence Awards are sponsored by the Nebraska 4-H Foundation and Nebraska Investment Finance Authority. Each year, 25 Nebraska 4-H clubs are awarded $500 to be used as described in the award application form.

Blazing Saddles, Bourne Equestrian, Hunters Pride, Lancaster County 4-H Teen Council, Prairie Star 4-H Club, Rabbits R Us, Shamtastic Clovers


Compiled from 4-H Online. Member and leader milestones based on responses to a survey.

2019 4-H SENIORS: Jake Aberg, Sabastien Arnold, Madison Brandt, Colleen Brown, Samuel Copley, Caidell Davis, Kyra DeBuse, Hannah Dering, Joshua Dowd, Amy Egelhoff, Sophia Fahleson, Payton Filing, Garrett Fransen, Anah Fuller, Alexandria Gropp, Chloe Hammond, Josh Harper, Kristen Harrison, Abbie Haszard, Emma Haszard, Lindsay Herrick, Hannah Hoge, Kaianna Hraban, Noah Huber, Eric Jensen, Olivia Kerrigan, Breckin Killingsworth, Cody Krafka, Sarina Kyhn, Mickayla Larsen, Cassie Meyer, Porshe Miller, Alyse Monismith, Lucas Morgan, Margaret Nebel, Thorine Nelson, Katie Nepper, Jared Nielsen, Jordan Nielsen, Madelaine Polk, Ally Quinn, Rossi Sanford, Ethan Schmidt, Ethan Schneider, Lorralee Schroeder, Sam Schuster, Nicolas Seuferer, Emma Sondgeroth, Kaleb Sorge, Anna Sump, Lydia Teegerstrom, Colter Tietjen, Avery Tonniges, Chris Ugarcina, Sarah Vorderstrasse, Bethany Wachter, Addison Wanser, Odyssey Wentz, Jenna White, Martha Wilkinson, Sierra Wilson, Jasmine Wittler, Crystal Xu

3 YEAR MEMBERS: Vyvian Alstrom, Allyson Foged, Joslyn Foged, Elizabeth Funk, Madi Hall, Cierra Hensley, Zoey Jamison, Peter LaPlante

2 YEAR LEADERS: Fran Benne, Amanda Going, Gayle Kruse

10 YEAR LEADERS: Teresa Brandt, Jodi Cooper, Craig Gana, Scott Heinrich, Danetta Jensen, Anne Johnson, Connie Kreikemeier, Ben Walbrecht, Michele Wilson, Cindy Zimmer

15 YEAR LEADERS: Sheila Purdum

25 YEAR LEADERS: Marsha Prior, Sheri Ramirez


COMPANION ANIMAL CHALLENGE: Several Lancaster County 4-H’ers participated in the statewide Companion Animal Challenge. The following received purple ribbons:

  • Dog Skill-a-thon Senior Division: Emmi Dearmont (champion)
  • Dog Skill-a-thon Intermediate division: Taylor Root (champion), Maleah Jamison (reserve champion)
  • Demonstrations Team: Maleah Jamison and Taylor Root (champion)
  • Art Contest Intermediate Division: Isabella Grosskopf (reserve champion)
  • Art Contest Senior Division: Elisabeth Moyer (champion)
  • Photography Contest Junior Division: Zoey Jamison (champion) (blue ribbon winner)


REGIONAL SPEECH & PSA CONTEST: Several Lancaster County 4-H’ers participated in the Southeast Regional Speech and Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contests. The following received purple ribbons. The top five in each division received medals.

  • Speech Junior division: Khloe Cuttlers, Ethan Gabel, Micah Pracheil
  • Speech Senior division: Addison Wanser (medal)
  • PSA Junior Division: Holly Bowen, Vanessa Peterson (medal)
  • PSA Intermediate Division: Sarah Lange, Riley Peterson, Eliese Schwinck (medal)

STATE FAIR PRESENTATIONS CONTEST The following youth represented Lancaster County at the State Fair Presentations Contest: *Indicates purple ribbon at state.

Micah Pracheil*, Phillip Rushman*, Julia Stephenson* (Premier Presenter)


Life Challenge: In this statewide contest, teens test their skills in family and consumer sciences.

  • Team of Ellie Babcock, Madelyn Kreifels, Emma Lanik and Julia Stephenson — Food & Nutrition Challenge 1st place • Design Challenge “Best Use of Elements” award • ESI/Human Development Challenge “Most Viable Solution” award
  • Team of Clare Bauman, Lillian Johnson, Heather Lange and John Sump — Design Challenge 1st place • Foods & Nutrition Challenge 3rd place
  • Team of Aleyna Cuttlers, Nathan Gabel, Gregory Johnson and Abigail Kreifels — Design Challenge “Most Organized” award
  • Team of Elise Chadwick, Hannah Dean and Clara Johnson — Design Challenge “Most Useful Solution” award
  • Team of Christopher Moore and Pearce Smith — ESI/Human Development Challenge “Senior Choice Award”

Premier Animal Science Events (PASE): In this statewide contest, teens test their skills in animal science. Thank you Roger Bell for coaching the livestock judging teams.

  • Livestock Judging intermediate: Tayden Bell — individual 9th overall in cattle
  • Livestock Judging Senior Team of Adam Oldemeyer, Brett Heinrich, Jaclyn Heinrich, Colter Tietjen and Judson Tietjen — 3rd overall in hogs, 5th overall in sheep/goats and 5th overall in reasons
  • Jaclyn Heinrich — individual 6th overall sheep/goats, 8th overall hogs and 10th overall reasons
  • Poultry Judging contest: Noah Jelinek individual 5th place
  • Natalie Arthur – Video Companion Animal Showmanship Contest Cat – Inter. Reserve Champion
  • Ellie Babcock – Premier Quilt Quest Class 83 Winner
  • Samuel Babcock – Insect Identification Contest Intermediate 8th Place
  • Joshua Dowd – Tree ID Judging Contest - Senior 9th Place
  • Valerie Griess – Video Companion Animal Showmanship Contest Guinea Pig – Senior Champion
  • Jaclyn Heinrich – Beef - Champion Market Heifer, Swine - 1st Place Senior Showmanship and Reserve Champion Division III Gilt
  • Diamond LeBlanc – Poultry - Geese Division Champion
  • Micah Pracheil – Insect Identification Contest Intermediate 9th Place
  • Burke Settles – Sheep - Reserve Champion Division V: Suffolk Market Lambs

STATE FAIR FASHION SHOW & SHOPPING IN STYLE: The following youth represented Lancaster County at the State Fair Fashion Show. *Indicates purple ribbon at state:

  • Fashion Show: Ellie Babcock* (one of the Top 4 Fashion Show Exhibits), Kali Burnham*, Clara Johnson*, Mariana Tines
  • Shopping in Style: Clare Bauman

CLOTHING SPECIAL SELECTIONS: Selected by the UNL Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design Department to be included in the 4-H Design Gallery during State Fair:

  • Ellie Babcock – Premier Quilt (animal fancy forest) and STEAM Clothing 3 (black satin dress)
  • Gabriel Livingston – Beyond the Needle (knight costume)

Selected to model in the 4-H Collection on Student Night, Feb. 26, 2019 during Omaha Fashion Week: Ellie Babcock (Alternate – Kali Burnham)

HOME ENVIRONMENT SPECIAL SELECTIONS: Chosen for display at the East Campus Union Art Gallery Exhibit: Megan Lange – Pencil or chalk drawing (woman with scarf)


Photograph selected for display at UNL Animal Science Department:

  • Rayley Burnside (brown horses at Kentucky horse farm)

Photograph selected for display at UNL CASNR and Extension Dean’s Offices:

  • Emmalee Going (man and boy stacking blueberries), Clara Johnson (coneflower),
  • Linsey Sheldon (women collecting trash on roadside)

The AK-SAR-BEN 4-H Horse and Stock Shows had competitors from several states. The following local youth earned purple ribbons.

  • Ellie Bunz — Horse Junior Western Showmanship, Horse Junior Western Pleasure, Horse Junior Western Horsemanship
  • Cole Cooper — Market Lamb, Market Lamb, Market Beef
  • Sarah Dilley — Senior Breeding Goat Showmanship
  • Aubrey Hayes — Horse Senior Western Showmanship (Champion), Horse Senior Hunter Under Saddle (Champion), Horse Senior Pole Bending (3rd Place), Horse Senior Clover Leaf Barrel Racing (3rd Place), Horse Senior Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Kali Maytum — Horse Junior English Showmanship (Champion), Horse Junior Hunt Seat Equitation (Champion), Horse Junior Western Pleasure
  • Ally Quinn — Horse Senior English Showmanship (Champion), Horse Senior Western Horsemanship

National 4-H Congress is a five-day educational experience held in Atlanta, Ga. and is the premiere nation-wide event for 4-H’ers. Youth are exposed to leadership topics in the areas of communications and technology, the environment, agriculture, families, community development, youth and children.

  • Anna Sump (2018)
  • Abby Babcock (2017)

This January, several Lancaster County 4-H horse youth represented Nebraska at the National 4-H Horse Classic at the 4-H/FFA Western National Roundup in Denver, Colorado.

  • Lancaster County Horse Judging team of Ellie Bunz, Sidney Froistad, Julia Soukup and Cadi Wilbeck (coached by Roger Bell) overall 4th place team..
  • Ellie Bunz — 3rd overall halter.
  • Sidney Froistad — 3rd overall performance, 7th high individual reasons and 4th high individual overall.

The following scholarships were awarded earlier this year.


Awards two $500 college scholarships to Lancaster County 4-H/FFA seniors, with preference to those who have exhibited in production livestock. Award Winners: Jaclyn Heinrich, Katie Nepper


Awards a $500 college scholarship to a Lancaster County 4-H alumni who is at least one year post high school and has continued participation in 4-H as a volunteer or leader. Award winner: Alyssa Jensen


The Nebraska Association of Fair Managers awards two $500 college scholarships to Nebraska 4-H’ers who have exhibited projects at a county fair or State Fair in the last four years. Award winner: Anna Sump