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  • Eliminate the current life expectancy gap & build health equity
  • Capitalize on individual and organizational strengths to bring health equity to all community members
  • Understand health equity from those living, working, worshiping and learning in areas experiencing health disparities
  • Amplify the voices of all community members, both adults and youth

Priority Task Forces

Building Trusting Relationships & Social Healing

Host listening sessions & neighborhood events; develop pathways to amplify community voice and build trust & connection.

Health access & Anti-discrimination in Healthcare

Develop schools as central-access hubs for families and neighborhoods for health access; eliminate discrimination experienced at medical clinics; increase diversity & inclusion of all people.

Resource sharing & Collaboration

Develop innovative systems for resource sharing/referrals between sectors, non-profits, clinics and businesses; identify key informants in community to transmit resource/referral information.


Increase access to healthcare & healthy living options; develop innovative transportation options; decrease barriers associated with current public transportation.

We are seeking people to be active members and thought leaders on these task forces to move these priority issues forward into action.

We are always accepting coalition members.

We are always recruiting Master Health Volunteers (complete a training on health and then volunteer in our community to make it a healthier place).

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Health Equity Dialogues

Health Equity Dialogues is a safe, generative space for sharing, listening and connecting around the commonality of health inequity experiences. The purpose of the dialogues is to create spaces of healing within a community that cares, empathizes and relates to each other. The structure of the Health Equity Dialogues revolves around one main story-teller who will share a health equity experience prior to open dialogue for people to connect, empathize, share relatable experiences, along with movement towards healing, solutions, and change.

Anyone willing to enter the virtual space with curiosity, openness, and empathy ready to listen and contribute will be welcomed.

Resources and Information

Healthcare Access and Anti-Discrimination Task Force Virtual Learning Series (Fall 2021)

Nebraska Appleseed on Healthcare Access

The Malone Center on Maternal Wellness for Women of Color

Lincoln’s Community Learning Centers Full Service Community Approach

Values of the Coalition

We believe there are enough resources

Basic Human Rights that all deserve:

  • basic necessities
  • quality healthcare
  • housing
  • safety
  • food
  • health

Everyone should have equal access to be able to lead a healthy life, regardless of their zip code, race, creed or sexual orientation

Our ability to pay should not determine our health

No child should be left hungry

We believe it takes us all

Everyone has worth & should be heard, acknowledged and valued

Those most impacted by decisions should be at the decision-making table

We accept shared accountability

All voices matter

It takes a village

We believe in "both and"

There is no one right way of living

Our Approach

We will do this work by ...

  • listening
  • humility
  • empathy & emotional intelligence (affective & effective)
  • compassion
  • abundance mentality
  • inclusivity
  • kindness and caring

We will recognize and uphold the inherent worth of all people and respect for human dignity

We will make people feel needed versus needy

We will build health equity not equality

We will be “person first” - distinguishing between the system and the individual

We will focus on what is strong versus what is wrong

We welcome anyone to join our coalition that meets these criteria:

  • Values health and wellness
  • Believes health and wellness are within everyone’s reach
  • Inclusive and accepting of all members of Lincoln’s community
  • Commits to take action to improve the health of others and the community at large
  • Collaborates with other organizations to create a healthier community

Everyone in the community plays a role in building health equity. The Lincoln Health Equity Coalition believes ‘it takes a village’ to build health equity. We invite you to join us. There are many ways to be formally involved with the Health Equity Coalition.

Health Equity Coalition Member Roles

Coalition Member

A coalition member is an individual who attends coalition meetings, aides and assists coalition events, and thus is a voting member of the body.

Coalition Affiliate

A coalition affiliate is a group or individual who may not have the capacity to be a full member. In the case of the group, a coalition affiliate includes any business or non-profit organization that partners or supports the coalition. An affiliate could also include a group or organization that the coalition supports. An individual affiliate would include individuals who cannot fully devote themselves to being a member of the coalition but still is committed to partner with or support the coalition.


A stakeholder is an individual whose investment, both monetarily and temporally, goes beyond that of a coalition member. Without the support and work of these individuals the coalition would cease to exist.


An expert is an individual of a group or population that has knowledge or experience of a specific area beyond what others know. The support of the experts allows for insight into different goals and aspects of the coalition.

Youth advisor

Youth advisors are individuals who will support, listen to, and advocate for the youth members of the coalition and the population.

Community advisor

Community advisors are individuals that represent different communities and will support, listen to, and advocate for that community.


Sponsors are groups or individuals that provide monetary, physical, or resource support for the coalition.

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Current Health Equity Coalition Membership

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CLCs)
  • Catholic Social Services
  • Lutheran Family Services
  • Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach
  • Mentors Plus
  • Nebraska Extension
  • NeighborWorks Lincoln
  • Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln

Community Members without organizational affiliation

  • Janet Buck
  • Pam Edwards