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  • Eliminate the current life expectancy gap & build health equity
  • Capitalize on individual and organizational strengths to bring health equity to all community members
  • Understand health equity from those living, working, worshiping and learning in areas experiencing health disparities
  • Amplify the voices of all community members, both adults and youth


Contact Emily Gratopp at or (402) 441-8388.

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Values of the Coalition

We believe there are enough resources

Basic Human Rights that all deserve:

  • basic necessities
  • quality healthcare
  • housing
  • safety
  • food
  • health

Everyone should have equal access to be able to lead a healthy life, regardless of their zip code, race, creed or sexual orientation

Our ability to pay should not determine our health

No child should be left hungry

We believe it takes us all

Everyone has worth & should be heard, acknowledged and valued

Those most impacted by decisions should be at the decision-making table

We accept shared accountability

All Voices matter

It takes a village

We believe in "both and"

There is no one right way of living

Our Approach

We will do this work by ...

  • listening
  • humility
  • empathy & emotional intelligence (affective & effective)
  • compassion
  • abundance mentality
  • inclusivity
  • kindness and caring

We will recognize and uphold the inherent worth of all people and respect for human dignity

We will make people feed needed versus needy

We will build health Equity not equality

We will be “person first” distinguishing between the system and the individual

We will focus on what is strong vs. what is wrong