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Henneman, Karmazin, Rida Honored
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Lancaster County Extension Staff Highlight - Henneman, Karmazin, Rida Honored with Top Awards

In October 2004, three UNL Extension in Lancaster County Extension staff members won the top awards presented annually by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension to county-level extension staff.

Alice Henneman, Distinguished Educator award -- Alice is responsible for Lancaster County Extension’s food safety and nutrition programs aimed at the general public. She utilizes an omnimedia programming strategy, using multiple media formats and distribution channels to meet consumer information needs. Alice develops countless educational materials, answers phone calls from the public, gives presentations to small and large audiences, has a presence at many health fairs, writes newspaper articles, appears on radio/TV, and maintains an award-winning Food Web site and two e-mail newsletters. The Web site receives more than 1 million hits per year and has been rated “Among the Best” by Tufts University Nutrition Navigator for more than four years. In addition to direct consumer outreach, Alice makes her materials readily available for other educators and health professionals to use. Nationally, Alice is routinely asked to serve as a reviewer and to speak at conferences.

Alice Henneman
Alice Henneman
Alice (right) and Joyce Jensen of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department recently developed a bean bag toss to promote hand-washing to youth. Game materials are online HERE For three years in a row, Extension Educator Alice Henneman has given presentations as part of BryanLGH Medical Center's "Eating Well" series. Her classes have drawn 200-300 attendees

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