Nebraska Moth Week 2023!

Join us in celebrating National Moth Week with Nebraska Moth Week!

From July 22-30, you can contribute to data on the diversity and occurrence of moth species throughout Nebraska by participating in a week-long BioBlitz. See a moth? Take a picture and upload it to our iNaturalist page.

During moth week, Nebraska Extension and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will be hosting Nebraska Moth Week activities. Be sure to check back here in June for official event updates on dates and locations.

Moth Families

Nebraska Moths quick guide

Moth Profiles

  • rosy maple moth facts
  • whitelined sphinx moth facts
  • squash vine borer facts
  • ailanthus webworm facts
  • army cutworm moths facts
  • bagworm facts
  • cabbage looper facts
  • carpenterworm moth facts
  • cecropia moth facts
  • hummingbird clearwing facts
  • impreial moth facts
  • indian meal moth facts
  • io moth facts
  • luna moth facts
  • morning-glory plume moth
  • polyphemus moth facts
  • saltmarsh moth facts
  • snowberry clearwing facts
  • virginian tiger moth facts
  • wavy-lined emerald facts
  • black witch moth facts