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Community Service Ideas - Adopt a Highway, Trail or Park

(The highways, trails and parks listed on this site are located in Lancaster County, Nebraska. If you are interested in adopting a highway, trail or park in your area, contact your State Department of Roads and/or local Parks & Recreation Department)

Nebraska Adopt-a Highway-Program

Nebraska's Adopt-a Highway-program began in 1990 and is sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT). Groups can adopt a section of highway and pick up litter along it. Cleanups are usually twice a year – spring and fall. NDOR provides litter bags, traffic signs and safety vests, and disposes of the filled trash bags. After the first cleanup, NDOT installs a sign at the end of the adopted section displaying the sponsor's name.

Basic Criteria for Adopting:

  • The adopting group must be non-profit.
  • The group agrees to pick up adopted section twice a year for two years. (agreement is renewable).
  • Sections are a minimum of two miles and a maximum of six.
  • Adult supervision is required for volunteers under the age of 15.

State provides the nameplate signs installed at each end of the adopted section, litter bags, traffic signs, safety vests, and disposes of the filled trash bags.

How to Adopt a Stretch of Highway:

View the Adopt-A-Highway web page. Print the application and fill it out. Contact person phone and address are required. Mail application to Nebraska Department of Roads-District 1-, 302 Superior St., PO Box 94759, Lincoln NE 68509. For more information, call NDOR at 402-471-0850.

Adopt a Trail or Park

The City of Lincoln's Parks and Recreation Department also relies on volunteers to keep the parks and trails litter free.

How to Adopt a Trail or Park: For more information or to adopt a trail or a park, View the Parks & Trail Volunteer Opportunities web page. For more information, call City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation at 402-441-7847.

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