4-H Clover College

4-H Clover College

4-H Clover College

...a four-day series of workshops
for 4-H & non-4-H youth ages 6-19

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4-H Clover College - June 19-22, 2018

Clover College is four days of "hands-on" workshops full of fun and learning open to youth ages 6 and up. Youth may attend as many workshops as they wish. Youth attending workshops that overlap the lunch period should bring a sack lunch. Food will not be available (unless otherwise stated in the workshop description). If you have questions, contact Kristin Geisert at 402-441-7180.

4-H member registration begins May 2 at 8 a.m. and non-4-H member registration begins May 9 at 8 a.m.). Classes fill up quickly!

To register, complete the registration form (one person per form) and submit with payment — registrations without payment will not be accepted. Early registration NOT accepted! No telephone or online registration. Mailed registration forms received prior to registration opening days will be held and processed in the afternoon of registration opening days. After registration opening days, registrations are handled on a “first-come” basis. Confirmation letters and schedules will not be sent. Assume your registration is confirmed unless we contact you about filled or alternate classes. No refunds unless class is already filled or canceled.

New this year, debit/credit card payment available for an additional fee.

2018 class descriptions and registration form will be posted on this page Friday, April 20

Livestreaming Schedule

A few workshops will be livestreamed on YouTube Live via the 4HLancasterNE YouTube channel and then archived. (Schedule to be posted shortly before Clover College

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