4-H Clover Kids

Lancaster County 4-H Clover Kids

How old does my child need to be? Clover Kids must be five years old by January 1. When your child turns eight by January 1, he/she is ready to graduate to the traditional 4-H program.

I'd like to start a 4-H Clover Kids club. Is there more than one type of club? 4-H Clover Kids are "family-friendly," "family-focused," and flexible. Here are some examples of 4-H Clover Kid Clubs:

  • All club members are ages 5-7 (as of January 1 of the current year)
  • Clover Kid club as part of a traditional 4-H club (with older club members), but with separate activities
  • After school care and daycare programs

Who do we call for information and enrollment? If you live in Lancaster County, Nebraska and are interested in the 4-H Clover Kids program, contact Kristin Geisert, Extension Associate, 4-H at 402-441-7180 or by email.

If you live outside of Lancaster County, Nebraska, contact your local extension office for information on 4-H programs available in your area. To find your local office, visit HERE.

4-H Clover Kids

How often do 4-H Clover Kids meet? Your club decides how often you meet based on your group's schedules, needs and opportunities.

What is the best size of group? Suggested club size is five to seven Clover Kid members - a ratio of one adult to four children. Again, choose what's best for your situation.

As a parent, grandparent or special adult, can I be involved in a 4-H Clover Kids club? In 4-H Clover Kids, families will have many wonderful opportunities to search out new activities, discover new things and share them with one another. Parents, grandparents, and special adults are very important to children at this stage of development. You are encouraged to attend meetings with your Clover Kids. You may choose to become a club leader and/or help with special activities.

4-H Clover Kids

What about "special events" for 4-H Clover Kids? Building self-esteem with positive reinforcement and recognition for participation is important to five to seven year-old children. For this reason, 4-H Clover Kid activities do not put children in competitive situations.

The Lancaster County Super Fair allows 4-H Clover Kids to exhibit their projects in noncompetitive settings. At the fair, Clover Kids may visit with a nurturing adult who helps the child evaluate his/her own project... what they liked, what they learned, and what they might do differently the next time. If ribbons or special prizes are given, they are given equally to all.

What Projects are Available? 4-H Clover Kid clubs select topics to fit their needs and interests. Resource manuals are available to leaders that are full of fun, educational lessons and activities. If a club wants to create or customize a project - great! Leaders and parents are excellent resources and most have special skills or talents that can contribute to a project idea.

4-H Year in Review!

2018 4-H Achievement Celebration Results

In 2017, Lancaster County 4-H engaged 35,946 youth through clubs, school enrichment and after-school programs. 1,946 adults volunteered. Lancaster County, 4-H is a cooperative effort between University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension and the Lancaster County government.

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