iGrow–Corn 4-H School Enrichment

Students putting corn kernels into petri dishes
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Lancaster County 4-H offers the Nebraska 4-H iGrow–Corn program to Lancaster County schools to teach students about corn, one of Nebraska's top agricultural industries! Currently, around 1.3% of the U.S. population is directly involved with agriculture. As communities continue to urbanize, youth are losing touch with modern farming practices. This research-based program is designed to help connect youth to agriculture, help them understand where their food comes from, and learn the many ways corn is used.

For more information or to schedule iGrow–Corn, contact Extension staff at 402-441-7180 or lancaster4H@unl.edu.

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iGrow–Corn Opportunities

corn display with banners
iGrow–Corn display

The iGrow–Corn program consists of all — or your choice of — the following:

  • Display (pictured at right) consisting of banners, animal cutouts, corn, etc. (K–12 grades)
  • Worksheets with hands-on activities (3–5 grades)
  • Classroom presentation and corn germination experiment led by Lancaster County 4-H staff (K–12 grades)

My favorite part was putting the corn in the petri dish and looking at the corn display. Thank you!

Lancaster County youth who participated in iGrow–Corn activities
Videos of Corn Growing