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Hatching Photo Series

Peacock Hatching Series (Click on Photos for a Larger View):

1. Hatching Peacock 2. Hatching Peacock 3. Hatching Peacock
4. Hatching Peacock 5. Hatching Peacock  

Chick Hatching Series (Click on Photos for a Larger View):

1. chick beginning to hatch 2. chick breaking through 3. chick hatching
4. chick mostly out of egg 5. chick almost there 6. chick out of egg
7. chick resting 8. chick looking around 9. Chick after two days

Lancaster County, Nebraska
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Animated Images: Mallard Duck Hatching

Baby ducks don't really hatch this fast. These baby ducks worked all day before they finally made it out of the eggs. To see the ducks hatch again, refresh this web page.

Hatching Baby Ducks