4-H Clover Kids (Ages 5–7)

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The Nebraska 4-H Clover Kids program is designed specifically for youth ages 5–7*. The program offers a variety of educational and recreational experiences in a non-competitive environment. These opportunities are ideal for developing confidence, creativity, and competence during this stage of youth development. Lancaster County 4-H offers many opportunities for Clover Kids!

*Nebraska 4-H age is determined by the age of the youth as of January 1 of the current year.

Nebraska 4-H Clover Kids

For more information about Clover Kids in Lancaster County, contact Extension Associate Kristin Geisert at 402-441-7180 or kristin.geisert@unl.edu.

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Ways Clover Kids Can Participate

  • Join a new or existing 4-H club. Some clubs have all Clover Kids members ages 5–7. Some clubs have separate activities for Clover Kids and older youth.
  • Be an independent member. Learn at your own pace with your family.
  • Participate in 4-H activities such as Clover College and Super Fair.
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Clover Kids Projects

4-H emphasizes learning by doing. Projects can be completed during club meetings or independently. Any age-appropriate activity is encouraged. Parents and volunteers can utilize special skills or talents to mentor projects.

Project Books

Project & Activity Ideas

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Super Fair Activities

(See Fair Book for details)

4-H Clover Kids may exhibit non-competitively at the Lancaster County Super Fair in any combination of the following:

  • Speech & Public Service Announcement Contest (a Super Fair contest held before the fair).
  • Fashion Show (model/carry 1 item).
  • Static Exhibits (enter up to 5 items).
  • Show & Tell (visit with an adult about 1 static exhibit or small animal).
  • Animal Showmanship (most livestock shows and the rabbit specialty show include a 4-H Clover Kids Showmanship class).

All Clover Kids receive participation ribbons!

Lancaster County Clover Kids 4-H Club

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Youth ages 5–7 are invited to join the Lancaster County Clover Kids 4-H club, which helps families learn the ropes of the 4-H program. Clover Kids learn about a variety of 4-H projects using hands-on activities, as well as develop public speaking skills during a modified club meeting format.

The club meets once or twice a month, October through July, on Mondays, 6–7:15 p.m. at the Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County conference rooms, 444 Cherrycreek Rd., Suite A, Lincoln, Nebraska.

At least one parent/grandparent must attend with their Clover Kid(s) and once a year, take a turn planning and leading the group activity. For more information, contact club leader Kristin Geisert at 402-441-7180 or kristin.geisert@unl.edu.

Sample meeting:

6:00 p.m. Members and parents arrive

6:15 p.m. Roll call/4-H pledge

6:30 p.m. Hands-on educational activity led by parents

7:00 p.m. Refreshments and social time

7:15 p.m. Dismiss

NO FEES to join Lancaster County 4-H!**

**Lancaster County 4-H is supported by the Lancaster County government and Nebraska Extension

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