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Before you fill out the following form, take a moment to read the 3 ways you can join 4-H in Lancaster County, Nebraska HERE.

If you don't live in Lancaster County, Nebraska, contact your local 4-H office to find out about programs in your community. To find your local office, visit HERE

You can find out more about 4-H in Lancaster County by filling out and submitting this on-line form. We will be happy to send you information or give you a call. Not interested in filling out an on-line form? Phone 402-441-7180.

Kids - Get Your Parent's Permission First! Make sure you get your parent/guardian's permission before filling out and submitting the following form. Read our confidentiality statement.

1. I'd like to:

Help Form a New 4-H Club Join 4-H as an Inpendent Member
Join an Existing 4-H Club* (minimal availablility)  

Please tell us a little about yourself so we can contact you about Lancaster County 4-H:

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parent Pre-Kindergarten Child
guardian Elementary School Student
adult volunteer Middle School/Junior High School Student
grandparent Senior High School Student
educator/teacher home school student
Other (Please describe)
6. To better help us answer your request, please tell us the first names and ages of youth interested in joining Lancaster County 4-H:

YES, I do have children interested in 4-H, please list their first names and ages (ex: Sarah - Age 9, Jamal - Age 14 or type NONE if you don't wish to list any names/ages) or do not have children interested in 4-H:


8. Please identify your neighborhood or location (i.e. near Clinton school, near Denton):

9. Check project areas that interest you:
(check all that apply)
Bicycles Computers Foods Livestock (beef, dairy, swine, sheep, goats, llamas) Small Engines
Cats Conservation/Wildlife Forestry Photography Theater Arts
Chess Dogs Home Environment Poultry Woodworking
Child Development Electricity Horses Rabbits For Teachers: School Enrichment
Clothing Entomology Household Pets Rocketry  
Clover Kids (For Ages 5-7) Flowers/Gardening Leather Craftsmanship Shooting Sports  


10. Are you interested in becoming a 4-H Volunteer? Check your interest(s):

Club Leader Helping a 4-H'er at Home
Project Assistant Attending Meetings

Contacting by telephone:

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If you have difficulty using this form, email Soni Cochran, Extension Associate, (
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