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The free July 2016 Edition of the NEBLINE Newsletter is now on-line

This month's feature: "Lancaster County Extension Board -- Building Our Community Connection". Find this article and more here.

Cherry Creek Habitat Weather Station

Live Web cam view: Cherry Creek Habitat

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It's Barbecue Season! Make it Tasty! Keep it Safe!

From our colleagues in the Nebraska Extension Nutrition Education Program: It is important to remember the food safety rules (clean, separate, cook and chill) along with other important safety measures while having a barbecue. You'll also find delicious recipes for Fish Tacos and Peach Salsa. Visit here

Are You Interested in 4-H?

If you are interested in the 4-H program in Lancaster County, Nebraska, you can fill out an on-line form to let us know how we can help you. It's easy. This form is for youth who want to join 4-H and adults who are interested in volunteering! Fill out the form

See a roach? Identify it before you treat

Oriental cockroaches and wood roaches are easily confused, because they look somewhat similar. It is important to be able to identify them because, unlike oriental cockroaches that breed inside, wood roaches don't. Other than stepping on the offending wood roach, no controls are needed. Learn more.

Teens: Friendships, Peer Influence, and Peer Pressure

During adolescence, peers play a large part in a young person’s life even while the family continues to be significant. Peer relationships are important for healthy development and essential for our teens as they develop into healthy adults. Learn more

Nebraska Ag Climate Update - June

The forecast headline is no doubt the warm temperatures. We have heard about this for sometime and it is finally here. Learn more

Hot! Hot! Hot!

During the hot summer months, mulch can be especially useful for conserving water. For vegetable gardens, shredded leaves or grass clippings are good mulch material. For ornamentals, pine needles or wood bark do the best job. Weed removal is also important. June Garden Guide

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