2024 4-H Achievement Celebration Awards

Room of people with slideshow on big screens

Lancaster County 4-H and 4-H Council presented the Lancaster County 4-H Achievement Celebration on Tuesday, Feb. 13. The theme was "Our 4-H’ers Are Going Places.” 4-H members, clubs and leaders were recognized for their 2023 achievements. Lancaster County 4-H congratulates all 4-H youth who commit themselves to excellence! The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners proclaimed Feb. 13 as “4-H Achievement Day” — see proclamation.

Achievement Celebration Photos on Flickr


  • Master of Ceremonies: Phil Wharton, 4-H Council President
  • Pledges led by: 4-H Council youth members
  • Lancaster County Board of Commissioners’ Proclamation of 4-H Achievement Day read by: Roma Amundson, Lancaster County Commissioner
  • University of Nebraska–Lincoln Admissions Representatives: Claire Swanson, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • Lincoln Center Kiwanis Representative: Dayle Williamson


The Nebraska 4-H Achievement Application is a record of a 4-H member’s annual achievements in 4-H, including accomplishments, leadership experiences, community service and career exploration. Each Lancaster County4-H'er submitting an Annual Achievement application receives a $30 Activity Certificate from 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

  • Completed a Junior application: Noah Babcock, Emily Bauman, Andrea Bettenhausen, Claire Breuer, Hannah Breuer, Reagan Breuer, Adam Gabel, Parker Hansen, Amorita Payne, Cora Pracheil, Silas Pracheil, Alexa Smith
  • Completed a Senior application: Acacia Carlson, Khloe Cuttlers, Ethan Gabel, Morgan Gabel, Clara Johnson, Carley Parrott


Nebraska 4-H Clubs of Excellence have met the criteria outlined by the State 4-H Office to be considered a “Club of Excellence.” Some of the criteria includes: choose/elect youth officers, have one club project members do together and complete one community service project.

  • Clever Clovers, Fantastic 4, Fusion 4-H’ers, Horticulture Club, Joe’s Clover Knights, Lancaster Leaders, Little Green Giants, Malcolm Trap Club, N-Bots 4-H Club, Prairie Explorers, Rabbits R Us, Southern Lancaster Kids, Star City Cornhuskers, Tails N’ Trails, Villa Marie Eagles


The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program encourages 4-H members to engage in a variety of projects and activities. At the beginning of the 4-H year, youth choose goals from a provided list, and at the end of the 4-H year, they complete a report which documents their accomplishments. Youth may progress from Level 1–6.

  • Level 1 – Amethyst: Luke Bartek, Piper Bauman, Ian Bettenhausen, Lexus Cooper, Zeadyn Denney, Rosalyiah Gaytan, Mary Janssen, Sarah Grace Kennedy, Macey Mays, Mallory Mays, Olivia Mays, MacKenzie McCoy, Gracie Mittan-DeBuhr, Abigail Page, Jordyn Schmeeckle, Delaney Steinmetz, Eleanor Senft, John Sullivan, David Thaller, Thomas Thaller
  • Level 2 – Aquamarine: Molly Boysen, Emily Crawford, Mia Crawford, Sophie Huenink, Isaac May, Lucy Pflanz, Josephine Polk, Grace Tetzlaff
  • Level 3 – Ruby: Brayden Belew, Payzleigh Belew, Andrea Bettenhausen, Reese Dell, Evelyn May, Maria Polk
  • Level 4 – Sapphire: Tenley Bauman, Khloe Cuttlers, Parker Hansen, Brooklynn Nelsen, Amorita Payne, Catherine Polk, Micah Pracheil, Alexa Smith
  • Level 5 – Emerald: Claire Polk
  • Level 6 – Diamond: Vanessa Peterson


Presented to 4-H'ers who have completed the most hours of community service. Award recipients receive a $30 Activity Certificate from Lancaster County 4-H Council redeemable towards 4-H activities and supplies.

  • Age 13 and under: Emily Bauman, Monica Bauman, Tenley Bauman, Molly Boysen, Emily Crawford, Parker Hansen, Sophie Huenink, Macey Mays, Mallory Mays, Gracie Mittan-DeBuhr, Amorita Payne, Vanessa Peterson, Alexa Smith, Isabelle Tonkin, Katy Weaver
  • Age 14 and over: Mia Crawford, Aleyna Cuttlers, Khloe Cuttlers, May Frain, Cali Kaiser, Christian Kaiser, Olivia Mays, Kamryn Wanser, Christina Xu


At the Lancaster County Super Fair, all 4-H clubs, FFA chapters and independent members exhibiting in animal shows are automatically judged for Herdsmanship. Emphasis is on animal care, but other judging criteria include clean and orderly stalls, pens, alleys and storage areas. Courtesy, conduct and sportsmanship of the exhibitors are also important.

  • Beef/Bucket Calf/Dairy Cattle: Champion: Happy Go Lucky 4-H Club
  • Swine: Champion (Tie): Docter Family and Kruse Family
  • Poultry: Champion: McCoy Family, Pillard Family, and Wanser Family (team)
  • Sheep/Goat: Champion (Tie): McCaffree/Coe Family and Morrow Family


This special recognition is awarded to 4-H Dog Show exhibitors at Lancaster County Super Fair who entered the same dog in obedience, showmanship and agility classes in the same year, and earned a minimum of a red ribbon in each of the three areas.

  • Bella Croghan, Ruby Dean, Katie Fisher, Sophie Huenink, Olivia Jelinek, Dayton Jons, Liam Powers, Ellianah Stephens


To encourage participation in the county fair, Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club awards traveling trophies to the top 4-H clubs participating in the Lancaster County Super Fair. One category winner is awarded the Wayne C. Farmer Memorial Cup as the overall Outstanding 4-H Club for the year. Clubs receive points based on all members’ total fair exhibit and contest placings.

  • Category I (membership of 5–10): Silver Spurs (Leader: Kim Bowen). The 7 members had 78 horse entries at the fair and participated in Horse Judging and Showmanship. This is the 2nd year this club has won an Outstanding Club Award.
  • Category II (membership of 11–20) & Wayne C. Farmer Memorial Cup winner: Fantastic 4 (Leader: Jennifer Smith). The 13 club members had 264 total entries at the fair, exhibiting projects in a wide variety of static, animal shows and contests. This is the 9th year this club has won an Outstanding Club award.
  • Category III (membership of 21 or more): Star City Cornhuskers (Leader: Stephanie Polk). The 46 members had 391entries at the fair, exhibiting in multiple projects areas including static, animal shows and contests. This is the club’s 3rd year as an Outstanding Club.


Open to youth in grades 10–12 who show outstanding qualities in servant leadership. The award recognizes youth who strive to be their personal best and make a positive difference in their schools, youth groups, 4-H clubs and communities. They do not need to hold leadership positions currently, but should be recognized by peers and adults who work with them as emerging leaders. Recipients receive a $50 gift card to shop4-h.org from Lancaster County 4-H Council.

  • Madelyn Egelhoff, Ethan Gabel, Caraline Higgins, Carley Parrott, Claire Polk, Micah Pracheil


Presented to individuals 14 years of age or older who have excelled in their involvement with the Lancaster County 4-H program. Selection is based on participation in a wide variety — and depth of — 4-H activities.

  • Lilee Chevalier is the daughter of Randy and Emily Chevalier. She is a 6-year 4-H’er and during that time has made the most of opportunities and has had a truly outstanding 4-H career. She is a Star City Cornhuskers, 4-H Council and 4-H Teen Council member. Speech, life challenge, animal shows, crochet and photography are a few of the areas Lilee has excelled in at both the county and state levels. In addition, Lilee has also qualified for several state and national contests such as the National Poultry Judging Contest in Louisville, KY and the Western National Livestock Judging contests in Denver.
  • Clara Johnson is the daughter of Jeff and Anne Johnson. She is a 13 year 4-H’er and has had a truly outstanding 4-H career. Her accomplishments are impressive and her willingness to help her community inspiring. Clara has excelled in county and state 4-H contests and exhibited in several projects areas at the Lancaster County Super Fair, earning many top awards. Several of her exhibits qualified for the Nebraska State Fair. Remarkably, she has submitted over 364 projects in areas such as the Fashion Show, clothing and textiles, animal shows, foods, crochet and horticulture. Clara has also qualified for state and national contests such as the Western National Horse Judging and Livestock Judging contests in Denver.


Presented to individuals or organizations who have exhibited consistent and strong support of the Lancaster County 4-H program.

  • Marsha Prior has devoted over three decades to leading the Lancaster County 4-H community. Her journey began with the formation of the Clover Kids 4-H club, where her children were members. For more than 12 years, she dedicated herself to guiding and nurturing this club. In 2009, Marsha embarked on a new chapter by establishing the Fusion 4-H’ers club, which welcomed her grandchildren among its members. Throughout the years, Marsha's 4-H clubs have been exceptionally active, earning accolades such as the Governor’s Ag of Excellence award, Club of Excellence, and Outstanding 4-H Club multiple times. Beyond recognition, her clubs have generously volunteered at events like the Kiwanis Karnival and manned the 4-H Council food stand. Marsha has generously shared her talents by teaching numerous classes on sewing, cooking, and needlework. In addition, she has volunteered during the static judging day during the county fair and is serving as a dedicated member of the 4-H Council.


The Lancaster County 4-H program offers a variety of college scholarships to active senior 4-H members.

  • Lancaster County 4-H Council — Awards $700 scholarships to active Lancaster County 4-H'ers: Hannah Dean, Caraline Higgins, Clara Johnson, Claire Polk, Ava Wharton, Christina Xu
  • Lancaster County 4-H Teen Council — Awards $300 scholarships to current 4-H'ers who are active in Teen Council: Ava Wharton, Christina Xu
  • Lincoln Center Kiwanis — Awards a $1,000 scholarship to a current high school senior who is active in Lancaster County 4-H: Clara Johnson
  • Dick Fleming Leadership & Communication – Awards a $250 scholarship to a 4-H'er who has excelled in leadership and communication through 4-H: Christina Xu


  • 2024 4-H SENIORS — Graduating seniors receive a 4-H Alumni T-shirt courtesy of Lancaster County 4-H Council: Mehdi Al-Shemmeri, Marley Anthens, Liam Austin-Mafilika, Scarlett Battles, Callie Beeck, William Bethune, Acacia Carlson, Lilee Chevalier, Braeden Cooper, Ella Cowan, Hannah Dean, Haylea Dean, Bailey Docter, Dillon Docter, Sydney Docter, Tayler Docter, Madelyn Egelhoff, Carter Fink, Katie Fisher, Anne Friesen, Danika Gentry, Johnny Green, Cyrus Harner, Caraline Higgins, Austin Hussman, Isabella Hytrek, Hunter Isabell, Noah Jelinek, Clara Johnson, Tobias Jordan, Cali Kaiser, Daria Knezevic, Brayden Korth, Kaelin Kuebler, Gianna LaPlante, Kamree Leader, Parker Lieske, Mischa Lunquist, Mia Maranville, Lillie McHenry, Dakota Morrow, Alex Paider, Dylan Payne, Mason Pillard, Claire Polk, Rakon Rashidi, Lucas Redfield, Morgan Roof, Taylor Root, Phillip Rushman, Piper Stallings, Graham Stephens, Ava Stroud, Mercedes Thies, Luke Tvrdy, Ava Wharton, Christina Xu
  • 3-YEAR MEMBERS: Cheyenne Allen, Lane Allen, Emily Baker, Caleb Barber, Nicholas Bauman, Gavin Becker, Brayden Belew, Payzleigh Belew, Grant Beran, Tyler Beran, Brady Bixenmann, Bronson Bixenmann, Claire Bruns, Derek Bruss, Corrine Byrne, Gracen Byrne, Madalyn Chevalier, Emily Crawford, Lillian Danforth, Kendal Danner, Maddox Dell, Lundy Dell, Samuel Dowdy, Jackson Earley, Boone Elam, Henry Fendrick, Clare Friesen, Brogen Frink, Molly Gabel, Caleb Gamble, Olivia Goeser, Galen Goforth, Zach Graybill, Josie Graybill, Adam Graybill, Violet Green, Lena Gropp, Aaron Grove, Paxton Halsey-Craig, Gavin Hartweg, Rowan Hasemann, Anne Hastings, Harriet Hermes, Kelton Hoesche, Owen Hoesche, Matthew Howe, Samuel Huck, Sophie Huenink, Shelby Huenink, Sofia Hunt, Lathan Huntley, Alandra Huntley, Marissa Hurt, Julien Hurt, Sasha Hurt, Tatiyana Hurt, Molly Hying, Marcy Hying, Sarah Kennedy, Macy Konz, Keaton Kopecky, Anna Kurtzhals, Peter Lawson, Charlotte Lepper, Parker Lieske, Reece Mansfield, Renae Mansfield, Eizley Martinsen, Evelyn May, Isaac May, Jesse May, Zack Mentzer, Natalie Meysenburg, Morgan Meysenburg, Mary Miranda, Samuel Moje, Everett Morrow, Brayden Nelson, Natalie Nelson, Noah Newton, Ava Ottemann, Leo Ottemann, Patricia Palafox-Huber, Ozzie Pederson, Stella Pederson, Cody Petta, Anthony Pflanz, Emma Pflum-Miranda, Easton Ramaekers, Eli Ramaekers, Ethan Ramaekers, Harrison Ramaekers, Vivian Ramaekers, Maci Rawson, Baker Rekasis, Hadley Rekasis, Lillian Remaklus-Drummond, Jackson Roberts, Lydia Rogers, Ava Schepers, Collin Schepers, Paige Schepers, Jordyn Schmeeckle, Jocelyn Schmoll, Josiah Schmoll, Noah Schmoll, Shayne Skaw, Barrett Smith, Evelynn Smith,Temperance Smith, Vayda Stark, DJ (Derek) Steiner, Ava Stroud, Agatha Sullivan, Cally Sullivan, Jack Tapling, Taeva Taylor, Grace Tetzlaff, Carter Thieman, Gigi Thomas, Carl Traynor, Cooper Vetick, Colin Wessel, Avery Williams
  • 2-YEAR LEADERS: Debra Faith
  • 5-YEAR LEADERS: Joy Harvey, Brad LaMay
  • 10-YEAR LEADERS: Megan Bauman
  • 15-YEAR LEADERS: Teresa Brandt, Anne Johnson
  • 30-YEAR LEADERS: Marsha Prior, Sheri Ramirez


Achievements throughout the year, most of which have already received recognition at various events and/or in the NEBLINE newsletter.


Lancaster County 44-H/FFA Livestock Booster Club

Awards three $500 college scholarships to Lancaster County 4-H/FFA seniors, with preference to those who have exhibited in production livestock. These are recognized at the Lancaster County Super Fair 4-H/FFA Livestock Premium Auction.

  • Aleyna Cuttlers, Luke Johnson, Olivia Vanderford


Five Lancaster County 4-H youth were part of 16 sewers selected stateside to participate in the Student Designer event for Omaha Fashion Week.

  • Kylie Hansen — Black sparkle sleeveless knit jumpsuit
  • Clara Johnson — Lavender print, silver and white satin dress
  • Dayton Jons — Bright print gathered skirt and square-neck top
  • Vanessa Peterson — Lavender satin dress with 3-D floral detachable skirt
  • Alexa Smith — Black and hot pink heart print sheath dress


This virtual statewide challenge offers various contests including a demonstration, essay, art, photography and trivia. The following received purple ribbons.

  • Elizabeth Hilkeman — Art Contest Intermediate Purple Ribbon, Cat Trivia Intermediate Champion, Essay Informative Intermediate Champion, Photography Intermediate Champion and Purple Ribbon (2 entries)
  • Brooklynn Nelsen — Art Contest Intermediate Reserve Champion, Cat Trivia Intermediate Purple Ribbon
  • Amorita Payne — Art Contest Intermediate Champion, Essay Informative Intermediate Champion, Essay Persuasive Intermediate Champion
  • Korben Payne — Art contest junior Champion and Reserve Champion (2 entries)
  • Ava Schepers — Photography Junior Purple Ribbon
  • Collin Schepers — Photography Intermediate Purple Ribbon (2 entries)
  • Jocelyn Schmoll — Photography Intermediate Purple Ribbon
  • Josiah Schmoll — Photography Junior Reserve Champion
  • Noah Schmoll — Photography Junior Champion
  • Alexa Smith — Art Contest Intermediate Purple Ribbon (2 entries), Dog Trivia Intermediate Champion
  • Kamryn Wanser — Cat Trivia Senior Champion
  • Katy Weaver — Dog Trivia Intermediate Reserve Champion


In this statewide contest, youth tested their skills in animal science. Thank you Tyler Pickenpaugh for coaching the livestock judging teams.

  • Poultry Judging Senior Team: Lilee Chevalier, Noah Jelinek (overal individually 1st place), Catherine Polk and Claire Polk — 2nd place overall
  • Livestock Judging Intermediate Team: Grace Chevalier, Hannah Chevalier, Madalyn Chevalier, Lauren Johnson and Kyler Plugge — 4th place high team reasons
  • Livestock Judging Senior Team: Lilee Chevalier, Noah Jelinek, Clara Johnson (overal individually 8th place) and Olivia Vanderford — 3rd place high team overall in sheep & goats, 5th place high team overall in swine, 3rd high team overall


This state-level event offers contests such as illustrated presentation, prepared speech, radio public service announcement, impromptu speech and video communication.

  • Prepared Speech Intermediate: Parker Hansen, Brooklynn Nelsen, Amorita Payne, Kanyon Plugge, Alexa Smith
  • Prepared Speech Senior: Lilee Chevalier (2nd place)
  • Radio PSA Intermediate: Amorita Payne, Maria Polk, Alexa Smith, Callia Thompson, Katy Weaver
  • Radio PSA Senior: Riley Peterson, Emma Thompson
  • Impromptu Speech Intermediate: Brooklynn Nelsen, Amorita Payne (4th place)
  • Impromptu Speech Senior: Lillie Chevalier (3rd place)
  • Illustrated Presentation Intermediate: Andrea Bettenhausen (2nd place), Hannah Chevalier, Parker Hansen, Alexa Smith


Nebraska 4-H Foundation’s Governor’s Agricultural Excellence Awards are sponsored by the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA). These $500 grants are to be used as described in the application form completed by the club.

  • 5-Star 4-H Club, Fusion 4-H’ers, Lancaster County 4-H Teen Council, Hunter’s Pride



This statewide quiz tests participant’s knowledge of identifying trees that grow in Nebraska.

  • Laurel Frogge, Elizabeth Hilkemann, Josephine Polk, Maria Polk, Jocelyn Schmoll, Kaily Wesely

This statewide quiz tests participant’s knowledge of identifying plants that grow in Nebraska.

  • Laurel Frogge, Catherine Polk, Josephine Polk, Maria Polk, Kaily Wesely

This statewide quiz tests knowledge of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants.

  • Laurel Frogge, Catherine Polk, Claire Polk, Josephine Polk, Kaily Wesely

This statewide contest tests insect and entomology knowledge.

  • Samuel Babcock


The Nebraska State 4-H Archery Indoor Championships were held in January in Grand Island.

  • Lilly Hanley — Indoor Tournament: Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS) Youth Adult, 10th Place
  • Suzy Hanley — Indoor Tournament: Freestyle Limited Recurve (FSLR) Youth, 2nd Place
  • Dean Skretta — Indoor Tournament: Basic Bow (BB) Cubs, 5th Place
  • Alexa Smith — Indoor Tournament: Basic Bow (BB) Cubs, 8th Place
  • Kamyrn Wanser — Indoor Tournament: Basic Bow (BB) Youth, 5th Place


The Nebraska State 4-H Archery Outdoor Championships were held in September at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island.

  • Lilly Hanley — 3D Tournament: Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS) Young Adult, 6th Place; Outdoor 600 Target Tournament: Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS) Young Adult, 8th Place
  • Suzy Hanley — 3D Tournament: Olympic Recurve (OR) Youth, 2nd Place; Outdoor 600 Target Tournament: Olympic Recurve (OR) Youth, 3rd Place
  • Adelaide Metcalf — 3D Tournament: Basic Bow (BB) Cubs, 9th Place; Outdoor 600 Target Tournament: Basic Bow (BB) Cubs, 9th Place
  • Kamryn Wanser — Outdoor 600 Target Tournament: Olympic Recurve (OR) Youth, 2nd Place


The Nebraska State 4-H Shotgun Championships were held in September at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island with 89 youth competing!

  • Braeden Cooper — Advanced Division: Trap 7th Place (Tie), Sporting Clays 10th Place (Tie), Advanced Overall 9th Place
  • Jacob Diedrichsen — Intermediate Division: Trap 9th Place (Tie)
  • Hunter Isabell — Advanced Division: Skeet 7th Place (Tie)
  • Keaton Kopecky — Novice Division: Trap 2nd Place, Skeet 2nd Place, Sporting Clays 9th Place (Tie), Novice Overall 2nd Place
  • Braxsten Korth — Intermediate Division: Trap 11th Place (Tie)
  • Brayden Korth — Advanced Division: Trap 7th Place (Tie), Skeet 7th Place (Tie)
  • Jack Michael — Intermediate Division: Sporting Clays 9th Place (Tie)
  • Owen Savicky — Intermediate Division: Skeet 12th Place
  • Elijah Smith — Intermediate Division: Trap 3rd Place (Tie), Skeet 1st Place (Tie), Sporting Clays 1st Place, Intermediate Overall 1st Place
  • Mason Snider — Novice Division: Trap 3rd Place, Skeet 5th Place, Sporting Clays 1st Place, Novice Overall 1st Place
  • Landon Wyman — Intermediate Division: Trap 5th Place (Tie), Skeet 3rd Place, Sporting Clays 5th Place (Tie), Novice Overall 3rd Place


  • Horticulture Judging Contest – Intermediate Team: Josephine Polk, Maria Polk, Gianna Wesely, 3rd Place
  • Horticulture Judging Contest – Senior Team: Catherine Polk, Claire Polk, Kaily Wesely, 1st Place
  • Samuel Babcock — Insect ID Judging – Senior, 2nd Place
  • May Frain — Rabbit: Best Opposite; Rabbit: Best of Breed; Rabbit: Champion Fancy Division; Rabbit: Reserve Best of Show Rabbit
  • Kyson Gana — Beef: Reserve Champion Shorthorn Breeding Heifers
  • Clara Johnson — Beef: Reserve Champion Mainetainer Steer; Meat Goat: 3rd Place Market Goat
  • Josie Johnson — Meat Goat: Champion Division III Market Goat; Meat Goat: Champion Intermediate Showmanship
  • Lauren Johnson — Beef: Champion All Other Breeds Steer; Meat Goat: 3rd Place Intermediate Showmanship; Sheep: Champion Intermediate Showmanship
  • Lexi McCaffree — Sheep: Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe; Sheep: Reserve Champion Division VII Commercial Meat Breed Ewes
  • Zach Pittman — Rabbit: Best of Breed
  • Kyler Plugge — Beef: Champion Red Angus Breeding Heifer; Beef: Reserve Champion Red Angus Breeding Heifer
  • Catherine Polk — Judging Contests: Horticulture – Senior, 6th Place; Judging Contests: Tree ID – Senior, 6th Place
  • Claire Polk — Judging Contests: Horticulture – Senior, 7th Place; Judging Contests: Tree ID – Senior, 7th Place
  • Josephine Polk — Judging Contests: Tree ID – Intermediate, 4th Place
  • Maria Polk — Judging Contests: Horticulture – Intermediate, 5th Place; Judging Contests: Tree ID – Intermediate, 2nd Place
  • Lawrence Rauert — Rabbit: Reserve Champion Intermediate Showmanship
  • Marylynn Rauert — Poultry: 3rd Place Senior Showmanship; Rabbit: 3rd Place Senior Showmanship; Rabbit: Best of Breed
  • Kaily Wesely — Judging Contests: Horticulture – Senior, 5th Place; Judging Contests: Tree ID – Senior, 5th Place
State Fair Fashion Shows
  • Constructed Garments: Clare Bauman,Clara Johnson, Dayton Jons, Vanessa Peterson, Piper Pillard
  • Shopping in Style Garments: Dayton Jons, Emma Thomson
Design Gallery Special Selections

About Sketchbook Crossroads, Portfolio Pathways, Design Decisions, Clothing or Fashion Show exhibits were selected to be displayed in the 4-H Design Gallery at State Fair.

  • Meredith Marsh (Accessory - Original Made from Metal: Welded Dog Barbecue Grill) — Design Decisions
  • Piper Pillard (Constructed STEAM Clothing 3 Garment - Embroidered Blue Chambray Jumpsuit) — Fashion Show
Photography Special Selections

Photographs selected for display during the next year at the UNL Animal Science Building or UNL East Campus Visitors Center Exhibition.

  • Sydney Kruse (Pink Flower) — UNL East Campus Visitors Center
  • Elizabeth Hilkemann (Lizard Shadow on Leaf) — UNL East Campus Visitors Center
  • Morgan Gabel (Astrophotography) — UNL East Campus Visitors Center
  • Dayton Jons (Cat Looking Up) — UNL Animal Science Department
Livestock Achievement Program

Promotes educational aspects of 4-H livestock projects including selection, production, leadership and exhibition.

  • Tenley Bauman — Rabbit Project Intermediate; Grace Chevalier — Dairy Goat Project Intermediate; Hannah Chevalier — Dairy Goat Project Intermediate; Lilee Chevalier — Beef, Dairy Goat and Swine Projects Senior; Madalyn Chevalier — Dairy Goat Project Intermediate; May Frain — Rabbit Project Senior; Jocelyn Schmoll — Rabbit Project Intermediate
Final Drive

Top livestock exhibitors were invited to participate in the “Final Drive.”

  • Tenley Bauman, Grace Chevalier, Hannah Chevalier, Lilee Chevalier, Madalyn Chevalier, May Frain, Clara Johnson, Josie Johnson, Lauren Johnson, Lexi McCaffree, Jocelyn Schmoll


The 2023 4-H Shooting Sports National Championships were held June 25–30 at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island. Youth from 42 states attended!

  • Hunter Isabell — Individual Shotgun — Overall 90 out of 131
  • Riley Peterson — Individual Compound Archery — Overall 24 out of 116


National 4-H Congress is a five-day educational experience held each November in Atlanta, Ga. and is the premiere leadership event for 4-H’ers. In Nebraska, 13 youth were selected to attend based upon achievements outlined in their 4-H Achievement Application.

  • Micah Pracheil (Achievement Application was in the area of STEM)


Four Lancaster County 4-H youth competed as a team in the poultry judging contest during the National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference in Louisville, Kentucky in November.

  • Lancaster County Judging team of Lilee Chevalier, Noah Jelinek (overall individually 7th place), Catherine Polk and Claire Polk (coached by Nichole Jelinek)


This January, several Lancaster County 4-H youth represented Nebraska at the 4-H/FFA Western National Roundup in Denver, Colorado in the Horse Classic Contests and Livestock Judging.

  • Lancaster County 4-H’er Shea Frink was on the Saunders/Lancaster/Washington County Hippology Team, which earned 3rd place in judging phase, 3rd place team problem phase, reserve champion written exam/slides phase, reserve champion in the stations phase, and reserve champion overall! Shea Frink received 6th individual in horse judging phase.
  • Lancaster County Horse Judging team of Dillon Docter, Faith Oldemeyer (overall individually 12th place), Amelia Proffitt and Max Roberts (coached by Roger Bell) earned 4th in reasons, 8th in performance, 7th in halter and 7th high team overall.
  • Lancaster County Livestock Judging team of Lilee Chevalier, Noah Jelinek, Clara Johnson (overall individualy 3rd place in sheep), and Olivia Vanderford (coached by Sarah Dilley) earned 12th in swine and 8th in sheep.
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