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Potpourri: Make Your Own
Mary Jane Frogge, Nebraska Extension Associate
Potpourri: Make Your Own
The wonderful smell of rose petals are a great addition to potpourri. Pictures by

Potpourris smell good and are easy to make. Many of the ingredients can be found in your yard or kitchen. There are many things you can put in potpourri. Use what you have available.

Image of lavender for drying and use in potpourri. Plants to Use

  • Dried flower petals from flowers such as roses, lavender, violets, peonies, marigold, statice and strawflowers.
  • Dried leaves from lavender, mint, rosemary, arborvitae and junipers or eastern red cedar.
  • Other things to collect and dry: flower pods, juniper berries, orange peel and small pine cones.

Dry the flower petals, leaves and other items on a paper towel, old pie tin, cookie sheet or box lid. Make sure your items are spread out and not piled on each other. They will dry faster this way. It may take a few days to a few weeks for everything to be completely dry.

Other items that can be added to your potpourri are broken cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and whole allspice.

Mix your dried items in a large bowl or large zip lock bag.

Display your potpourri in a small bowl, open jar or in sachets.

Easy to Make Sachets


  • Need: 6 inch circles cut from fabric, 8 to 12 inch ribbons
  • Put 1 or 2 spoonfuls of potpourri in center of fabric circles.
  • Gather the material around the potpourri and tie the little bag with the ribbon

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