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Make a Scarecrow
Mary Jane Frogge, Nebraska Extension Associate
Make a Scarecrow
Enjoy making your very own scarecrow, they come in many shaped, designs and all sizes. Pictures by

Picture of ScarecrowSupplies:

  • 6 ft. long 2x4 wood
  • 2 ft. long 2x4 wood
  • newspapers
  • twine Picture of a drawing of a scarecrow
  • nails
  • hammer
  • white pillow case
  • old shirt
  • old pants or overalls
  • old hat
  • old gloves
  • scarf


1. To make the scarecrow frame, nail the 2 ft. long 2x4 to the 6 ft. long 2x4 to form a cross. Dig a one foot deep hole and place wood frame in the hole and pack the soil firmly around the frame.

2. Draw a face on one side of the white pillow case, near the center. Stuff pillow case with newspaper. Place pillow case head on top of frame and tie shut with twine.

3. Tie pant legs closed with twine. Stuff pants full with newspaper. Nail pants to frame.

4. Put shirt on frame, button shirt half way closed. Tie sleeve cuffs and waist closed with twine. Stuff shirt with newspaper. Button shirt closed.

5. Put gloves, scarf and hat on scarecrow.

Gardening activity for children, kids and youth.

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