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Composting for Kids
Mary Jane Frogge, Nebraska Extension Associate
Composting for Kids
Composting for Kids. Image by Mary Jane Frogge, Nebraska Extension Associate.

Compost Bin Style #1

There are many styles of Compost Bins

Compost Bin Style #2

Compost is a mixture of dead plant material and soil. Compost can be used in the garden to improve the soil and fertilize plants. You will be helping the environment by using up things that would normally be thrown away.

Making a Compost Pile

1. Collect material to put into compost bin or compost pile.

2. Layer the collected material and soil in the pile

3. Add water to dampen the pile.

4. Turn the pile regularly. At least once every 2 weeks.

5. In about 3 months the compost will be ready. Compost can be added to the garden to improve the soil.

DO put in a compost bin: grass clippings, weeds, tree leaves, vegetable & flower plant parts, coffee grounds, egg shells, soil, water, paper, potato peels.

DO NOT put in a compost bin: bones, grease, butter, cat or dog manure, meat, butter, milk, rocks, foil, cans

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Homemade Compost

Nebraska Extension Assistant Educator Mary Jane Frogge give some tips for making your own compost.

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