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Alphabet Gardening Activity
Mary Jane Frogge, Nebraska Extension Associate
Alphabet Gardening Activity

Use the list below to plant a garden using every letter of the alphabet:

A = Aster, Allium, Alyssum

B = baby's breath, bachelor's button, balloon flower, Begonia

C = carnation, Celosia, Coleus 

D = Dahlia, daffodil, daisy, Dianthus, dusty miller

E = everlasting winged (Ammobium alata), Euphorbia

F = flax, forget-me-not, four o'clock

G = geranium, grape hyacinth

H = Hellebore, Hibiscus, honesty (Lunaria annua)

I = iceplant, Impatiens, Indian grass, Iris, 

J = joe pye-weed, Johnny jump-up

K = kale, Knautia

L = Liatris, lily, Lobelia

M = marigold, mint, morning glory

N = Nasturtium, Narcissus

O = Ocimum (basil), Oregano

P = pansy, parsley, pea, Petunia

Q = quaking grass (Briza media), Queen Anne's lace

R = red hot poker, rosemary, rose, rose moss

S = sage, Salvia, Sedum, snapdragon, sunflower

T = thistle, thyme, Torenia, tuberose, tulip

U = Ursinia, Uvularia

V = Valerian, Verbena, veronica, viola, violet

W = wax begonia, wishbone flower (Torenia fournieri)

X = xeranthemum, Xiphium iris (Iris xiphium)

Y = yarrow, yellow cosmos, yucca

Z = zebra grass, zinnia

Garden activity for children, kids and youth. 

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