The Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development program offers many ways to recognize the achievements of 4-H members, clubs and volunteers. Lancaster County 4-H award forms and college scholarship applications are due Jan. 3 unless otherwise noted below. Lancaster County 4-H accepts award and scholarship forms — including Diamond Clover — via mail, email (scan or take a photo with signatures to or dropped off at the Extension office. Recipients will be announced at Lancaster County Achievement Celebration on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024 at the Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County Conference Rooms, Suite A, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Lincoln, unless otherwise noted below. If you have questions, contact 402-441-7180 or

Families and club leaders are encouraged to submit photos related to award application accomplishments to by Jan. 3. These photos may be used in the multimedia presentation at Achievement Celebration.

Awards For 4-H Members | Awards for 4-H Clubs | Awards for 4-H Volunteers | College Scholarships for 4-H High School Seniors | College Scholarship for 4-H Alumni | 4-H Camp Scholarships


Many forms below are provided as fill-in pdfs. Anyone with Adobe Reader can fill-in, save and email or print pdf files.
  1. Save the pdf to your hard drive and open with Adobe Reader (many Internet browsers have issues with fill-in pdfs).
  2. Complete form and save. Attach form in an email. Or print and mail or bring to the Extension office.
  3. When 4-H staff receive emailed pdfs from 4-H families, we will send a confirmation email. If you don't get a confirmation, we did not get your emailed form.
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Awards For 4-H Members

  • 4-H Project Completion Certificates (ongoing — no deadline)
    When a 4-H member completes a 4-H project, their 4-H club leader, parents/guardians or anyone may present them with a certificate to recognize their achievements. These certificates can be picked up at the Extension office (no charge) or completed online and printed. Usually presented at the end of the 4-H year (after county and state fairs), during a club meeting or presented informally. 4-H Project Completion Certificate Form (fill-in pdf)
  • Lancaster County 4-H Community Service Awards (deadline January 3)
    All Lancaster County 4-H members are eligible to apply for this award which is based on the number of hours of community service through 4-H. Do not include community service projects done through school, church, or other organizations. There will be winners in two age divisions: 14 & over, and 13 & under. Form can be filled out by club leader, parent/guardian or 4-H member. Award application (fill-in pdf)
  • Lancaster County 4-H Council Leadership Award (deadline January 3)
    Open to 4-H youth in grades 10–12 who show outstanding qualities in servant leadership. The award recognizes youth who strive to be their personal best and make a positive difference in their schools, youth groups, 4-H clubs and communities. They do not need to hold leadership positions currently, but should be recognized by peers and adults who work with them as emerging leaders. Nominations may be made by 4-H leaders, parents or friends. They may also be self-nominated. Award application (fill-in pdf)
  • Lancaster County Outstanding 4-H Member Award (deadline January 3)
    Presented to an individual 14 years of age or older who has excelled in their involvement with the Lancaster County 4-H program. The basis for selection appraises the variety and depth of 4-H activities. Nominations may be made by 4-H leaders, parents or friends. They may also be self-nominated. Award application (fill-in pdf)
  • Nebraska 4-H Achievement Application (Lancaster County 4-H deadline for seniors is Dec. 26 and for juniors is Jan. 3. State-level application deadline January 5)
    The Achievement Application has two versions: junior for ages 8–14 (county only) and senior for ages 15–18 (county and state). The Nebraska 4-H Achievement Application form may be used by 4-H’ers ages 8–18 as a record of significant accomplishments in four areas; 4-H Experiences, Leadership Experiences, Community Involvement/Service Learning Experiences and Career Spark. Lancaster County 4-H’ers who complete an Achievement Application and submit it to by the respective deadlines will be recognized at the Lancaster County 4-H Achievement Celebration in February and receive a $25 Activity Certificate. Nebraska 4-H utilizes the senior application to select delegates for National 4-H Conference (info at Nebraska 4-H Conference website) and 4-H Congress (info at Nebraska 4-H Congress website). The Nebraska 4-H Foundation utilizes the senior application for awarding scholarships (info at 4-H Foundation website). Senior applicants need to submit applications early to by Dec. 26 or sooner, so 4-H staff can review, give feedback and 4-H'ers can make changes prior to sending them on to the state competition. State-level applications must be emailed to by Jan. 5. Nebraska 4-H Achievement Application website
  • Nebraska 4-H Livestock Achievement Program (apply by June 15; complete Plan & Report Frm by Aug. 1)
    Recognizes Members of Excellence across all 4-H livestock project areas, including: beef, sheep, meat goat, swine, dairy cattle, dairy goat, rabbit and poultry. There are three age levels: Junior (ages 8–9), Intermediates (ages 10–13) and Seniors (ages 14–18). Youth must apply to participate in the program by June 15. Upon acceptance into the program, participants plan what to accomplish. They report on their completed accomplishments by Aug. 1. Nebraska 4-H Livestock Achievement Program website
  • Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program (Lancaster County deadline January 3)
    The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program recognizes the accomplishments of 4-H'ers ages 8-18. Youth can progress from Level 1 up to Level 6. At the beginning of the 4-H year, youth choose goals from a provided list and at the end of the 4-H year, fill out a report which documents their accomplishments. Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County presents certificates and pins for levels 1–6. Note: Lancaster County 4-H accepts Diamond Clover forms via mail, email (scan or take a photo with signatures to or dropped off at the Extension office. Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover website
  • Nebraska 4-H Gives Back (Lancaster County deadline January 3)
    A 4-H member or team completes a major service-learning project that benefits their community. 4-H members invest over 100 hours of service and take up to 24 months to complete this project. The project includes an initial proposal and final report that are both approved and reviewed in a two-step process. Proposals are developed and approved first by the local committee, and then by a State 4-H Program Administrator prior to the start of the project. Nebraska 4-H awards certificates once the project is completed, as well as a $100 award. Recipients and their projects will also be showcased by Nebraska 4-H online. Lancaster County recipients are also recognized at the annual Lancaster County 4-H Achievement Celebration. 4-H Gives Back website
  • 4-H Pins
    4-H members receive pins at 4-H Achievement Celebration when they become 3-Year Members and when they are Seniors. There are no forms — Extension automatically keeps track of this information.
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Awards For 4-H Clubs

  • Governor's Agricultural Excellence Awards (deadline April 1)
    Sponsored by the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority, the purpose of the Nebraska 4-H Foundation’s Governor’s Agricultural Excellence Awards is to recognize 4-H clubs for the work of the individuals in the club and the community service work of the entire club. Recognition is in the form of $500 checks to be used as described in the award application form completed by the club. Awards presented at the end of June on UNL East Campus. Nebraska 4-H Foundation website
  • Nebraska 4-H Club of Excellence (Lancaster County deadline January 3)
    4-H clubs which have met criteria outlined by the state 4-H office are recognized as a "Club of Excellence." Some of the criteria includes: choose/elect youth officers, have one club project (related to curriculum) which they do together and complete one community service project. Forms are to be filled out by club leaders. Award application (fill-in pdf)
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Awards For 4-H Volunteers

  • Lancaster County Meritorious Service to 4-H Award (deadline January 3)
    Presented to individuals or organizations who have exhibited consistent and strong support of the Lancaster County 4-H program. 4-H members are not eligible. Anyone can make nominations. Award nomination form
  • Heart of 4-H Award (ongoing — no deadline)
    Lancaster County 4-H presents a Heart of 4-H Award to a Lancaster County 4-H volunteer each month! Announced monthly in the Nebline newsletter. See list of previous winners. Anyone can make nominations. Nominate someone using the Nomination Form (fill-in pdf)
  • 4-H Pins
    4-H leaders receive pins at 4-H Achievement Celebration when they’ve volunteered for 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, etc. No forms needed.
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College Scholarships For 4-H'ers

  • Lancaster County 4-H Council Scholarship (deadline January 3)
    Up to twelve $700 scholarships to graduating seniors who have excelled in their involvement with the Lancaster County 4-H program. The basis for selection appraises the variety and depth of 4-H activities. Application (Word docx)
  • Lancaster County 4-H Teen Council Scholarship (deadline January 3)
    Up to five $300 scholarships to 4-H'ers who are active in Lancaster County 4-H Teen Council. The basis for selection appraises the variety and depth of Teen Council activities. Applicant must help with at least one major activity during their senior year. Application (fill-in pdf)
  • Dick Fleming Leadership & Communication Scholarship (deadline January 3)
    One $250 scholarship to a Lancaster County 4-H member who has excelled in leadership and communication through 4-H. Application (Word docx)
  • Lane Community Lancaster County 4-H Scholarship: (deadline January 3)
    One $200 scholarship to a Lancaster County 4-H member attending Raymond Central High School. Application (fill-in pdf)
  • Lincoln Center Kiwanis Lancaster County 4-H Scholarship: (deadline January 3)
    One $1,000 scholarship to an active Lancaster County 4-H member. The basis for selection includes variety and depth of 4-H activities, scholastic standing, activity involvement and financial need. Please attach one transcript of your high school grades showing grade point average at time of application and three letters of recommendation (work, school or community). Application (fill-in pdf)
  • Lancaster County 4-H/FFA Livestock Booster Club Scholarship (deadline July 6)
    Each year, the Lancaster County 4-H Livestock Booster Club awards two $500 college scholarships. Scholarship eligibility is for high school seniors enrolled in Lancaster County 4-H or FFA programs. Open to all Lancaster County 4-H/FFA seniors, but preference to those who have exhibited production livestock in 4-H or FFA. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the 4-H/FFA Livestock Premium Auction during the Lancaster County Super Fair. You can email applications to Application (fill-in pdf)
  • Merlyn Anderson Memorial 4-H Scholarship: (deadline March 15)
    Awarded to 6–9 students from Gage and Jefferson County Schools, including Norris High School in southern Lancaster County. The award amounts will vary from $750 to $2,000 to students who are interested in agricultural studies (broadly interpreted). Information at Gage County 4-H website
  • Nebraska 4-H Foundation Scholarships (deadline January 5)
    There are several statewide Nebraska 4-H scholarships: 4-H Legacy, (3 x $1,000) Women in STEM (2 x $1,000), Orschlen Industries Foundation (4 x $1,000 each), Horse-Grand Island Saddle Club (4 x $1,000 each) and R. B. Warren 4-H Horse Educational ($500) scholarships. Applications are via the 4-H Senior Achievement Application (see information at Nebraska 4-H Foundation announces the recipients. Scholarship information available at Nebraska 4-H Foundation website
  • Nebraska Association of Fair Managers - Martha & Don Romeo Scholarship (deadline November 30)
    Two $500 scholarships to Nebraska 4-H'ers. Each applicant must have exhibited his/her projects in a county fair or at the State Fair within the last four years. Attach two letters of recommendation. Lancaster County 4-H selects one male and one female county finalist. This scholarship is awarded during the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers Convention Banquet, usually held in Kearney in January. Application (Word docx)
  • Inspiring Your Future Scholarship Contest (deadline January 7)
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln Animal Science Scholarship (10 x $5,000) for high school seniors and transfer students who are admitted animal science majors. Tell your digital story about an individual or animal who has inspired you to pursue an education and career in animal science. This can be done via video, infographic, pictures, or any other medium. Contest details and link to submit digital story at Animal Science website. Winners will be notified via email by Jan. 20.
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College Scholarship For 4-H Alumni

  • Lancaster County 4-H Council’s Alumni Scholarship (deadline September 30)
     $500 scholarship to Lancaster County 4-H alumni who are at least one year post high school and have continued participation in the Lancaster County 4-H program as a volunteer or leader. One scholarship per recipient per lifetime. 4-H Council will review applications and notify applicants by Nov. 30. Application (fill-in pdf)
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4-H Camp Scholarships

  • Lancaster County 4-H Council 4-H Camp Scholarship
    A limited number of Lancaster County 4-H youth will receive $200 scholarships to attend one or more of the following camps: Nebraska 4-H Summer Camp, Nebraska 4-H Big Red Summer Academic Camps, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Winners Unlimited Livestock Judging Camp. Applicants must be currently enrolled in 4-H. Youth may apply for scholarships to more than one camp, but a separate application must be submitted for each camp. Scholarship applications must be submitted prior to the date of the camp you wish to attend. Preference given to applications submitted by May 1. Application (fill-in pdf)
  • Big Red Academic Camps 
    Limited scholarships are available to attend all Big Red Summer Academic Camps. All scholarships must be awarded prior to registration. Scholarship applications will be reviewed on a continual basis during the early bird registration. Recipients will be notified within a week after submitting an application or by April 6 at the latest. Big Red Camps website
  • Nebraska Agriculture Youth Institute (NAYI) (deadline April 15)
    Nebraska Agriculture Youth Institute (NAYI) is a weeklong experience for high school juniors and seniors from all across Nebraska to learn about career opportunities within agriculture. This conference features speakers, workshops, agricultural education, networking with peers and industry leaders, professional development, leadership experience, fun and new friends! NAYI website
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