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UNL Extension in Lancaster County

4-H Embryology: 4-H EGG Cam

Updated July 6, 2014

These are eggs from Guinea Fowl. We had some guineas start hatching early! We were expecting around July 8, but they surprised us today! To view the current livestream, click on the link and follow the download directions. A new camera has arrived and Jim in our office is working on installation. In the meantime, use the livestream below....

Directions to view the 4-H EGG Cam Livestream:

We do have a live-streaming view of 4-H EGG Cam. Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. This is a temporary stream until the new camera for 4-H EGG Cam is installed. Follow these directions to view the livestream.

2014 Candling!

We took video of the candling on January 15 - day 7 of incubation. You'll see moving embryos, parts of the egg, what eggs look like when the embryo stops growing and eggs that were never fertile. These are the eggs currently on 4-H EGG Cam.


Our local 3rd grade classrooms have incubators and are hatching chicks along with us! Stop by and join us on the 4-H EGG Cam Facebook page!

For information and resources on incubating chicks, visit HERE


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