4-H Embryology: 4-H EGG Cam

Updated July 2, 2015

The guinea fowl keets are headed to the farm this weekend. We will be back with a live Web camera January 2016 when we start 4-H Embryology in the schools again! Thanks for watching! Visit here for resources on incubation, candling and more.

We'll be back January 2016

Thank you!!!

Thank you to Willie Strickland and GQF Manufacturing in Savannah, Georgia. GQF Manufacturing for designing and building a special incubator for us. This incubator lid has a large viewing area which enables us to see more of what's going on in the incubator during the hatch.


On January 7, many of our local schools were closed due to severe weather. Our staff worked with teachers to make sure the eggs were set in the classrooms. We did put together an introduction video for teachers, students and families to watch to learn more about embryology and the eggs they are hatching.

In 2014, we took video of the candling on January 15 - day 7 of incubation. You'll see moving embryos, parts of the egg, what eggs look like when the embryo stops growing and eggs that were never fertile. View here.


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