Image of a buff-tailed bumblebee.

Other Pollinator Resources

Bee and Pollinator Books, Heather Holm

Milkweeds of Nebraska & the Dakotas - Xerces Society

Pollinator Partnership - Promoting the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education and research. 

The Why, What, When, Where, Who and How of Pollination - Smithsonian Gardens

USDA Pollinator Information - Each of us depends on pollinators in a practical way to provide us with the wide rage of foods we eat. 

What is a Pollinator? - National Park Service

Xerces Society - International non-profit organization for the conservation of invertebrates. 

Buzz @ Cherry Creek

This pollinator habitat project at the Nebraska Extension office in Lancaster County encourages gardeners to create habitat in their landscapes.

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Nebraska Habitat Certification Program

160 certified pollinator habitats have been established in 22 counties, with 77% increasing their plant abundance and diversity.

Why create pollinator habitat? You are supplying pollinators with necessary food resources, nesting habitats, water and the pesticide-free environment they need. Causes of pollinator decline are numerous – habitat loss, improper use of pesticides, poor nutrition and disease.

Join us and complete your habitat certification.