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(Front row L–R) Phil Wharton, Lilee Chevalier, Pam Cuttlers, Hannah Dean; (middle row L–R) Russ Parrott, Ruby Dean, Carley Parrott, Tammy Sheldon, Kari Schepers; (back row L–R) Analisa Peterson, Vanessa Peterson, Marsha Prior, Nathan Gabel. (Not pictured: Emalea Dean).

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Lancaster County 4-H Council, comprised of adult and youth volunteers, is responsible for determining long- and short-term goals and policy for Lancaster County 4-H. It also raises funds which help support 4-H programs, activities and scholarships. One of 4-H Council's major fundraisers is operating a food booth at the Lancaster County Super Fair.

Extension Educator Tracy Anderson is the staff liaison.

Meetings are usually held the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, Nebraska. Since meeting dates/times/locations may be adjusted, be sure to visit the Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County Calendar for the most current information.

2023–24 4-H Council Members


  • Phil Wharton (President and ex officio Extension Board representative)
  • Lilee Chevalier (Vice-President)
  • Pam Cuttlers (Treasurer)
  • Hannah Dean (Secretary)


  • Emalea Dean
  • Ruby Dean
  • Nathan Gabel
  • Analisa Peterson
  • Vanessa Peterson
  • Marsha Prior
  • Carley Parrott
  • Russ Parrott
  • Kari Schepers
  • Tammy Sheldon

Adult 4-H Council members can serve two consecutive terms of three years each. Youth members can serve two consecutive terms of two years each.

For more information or to join, contact Tracy Anderson at or 402-441-7180.

Lancaster County 4-H Council Application for New Members

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