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Henneman, Karmazin, Rida Honored
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Lancaster County Extension Staff Highlight - Henneman, Karmazin, Rida Honored with Top Awards

In October 2004, three UNL Extension in Lancaster County staff members won the top awards presented annually by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension to county-level extension staff.

Zainab Rida, Extension New Employee award -- Zainab joined the Nutrition Education Program (NEP) in September 2002 and teaches nutrition to new immigrants, refugees and low income people (she is fluent in three languages: English, Arabic and Persian). In the past year, she has taught 873 lessons to adults and conducted 40 classes for 761 youth. Zainab was a presenter at earth wellness festival and 4-H Clover College.

Deanna Karmazin
Zainab has presented workshops at 4-H Clover College (pictured) and earth wellness festival.

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