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Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County Annual Reports

You are invited to take an in-depth look at our program accomplishments over the years. By extending UNL's resources to urban and rural Nebraskans, Nebraska Extension strengthens individuals, families, businesses and communities.

Future and archived print versions of the Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County Annual Reports are available at a number of locations in Lincoln, Nebraska. Please call 402-441-7180 for information on where to view the reports.

Archived Annual Reports are located on UNL's Digital Commons

About Nebraska Extension

The Extension Division of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln delivers research-based education and information to Nebraskans. These educational programs delivered via a variety of methods are offered through a federal, state and county partnership arrangement.

Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County is dedicated to life-long learning and is an important component of the University of Nebraska's commitment to outreach education that serves the citizens of this state.

Partners with Nebraskans:

Did you know...

the University of Nebraska is a land-grant university. Land-grant universities work with the people they serve.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln teaches, discovers new knowledge through research, and extends that new, unbiased information across the state and beyond through extension.

Extension is a division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln cooperating with the counties and the United States Department of Agriculture.

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