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Resources for 4-H Plant Science Contests at the Lancaster County & Nebraska State Fairs.

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2018 Lancaster County 4-H Plant Science Contests

Three Plant Science Contests will be held Wednesday, June 13, 10 a.m.–1:30 p.m at the Lancaster Extension Education Center, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Lincoln. Registration is required by Monday, June 11 by calling 402-441-7180 (there is no entry form). Open to all 4-H'ers from all counties ages 10-18 -- premiums paid by the county where the youth is enrolled. Enrollment in a horticulture project is not required to participate.

Youth choose which portions of the contest to participate in:

  • tree identification
  • weed & grass identification
  • horticulture contest

This year, the tree identification and weed & grass identification contests will have a different format. Participants will be able to use a list of plants while identifying samples. Participating youth will be offered a free lunch after the contests, while the contest papers are being graded. Ribbons will be awarded and contest winners announced after the lunch.

2018 Nebraska 4-H Online Horticulture Judging Contest

Nebraska 4-H offers a statewide online Horticulture Judging Contest which tests 4-H'ers knowledge in three areas: general knowledge questions, plant part and seed identification, as well as a judging portion. This year the contest will be available from Friday, June 8, 8 a.m. through Monday, June 18, 8 a.m. The link to participate will be https://go.unl.edu/2018hortcontest

Lancaster County Super Fair & Nebraska State Fair Plant Science Resources:

4-H members and volunteers should use these plant lists/photos and resources to help prepare for Lancaster County Super Fair and Nebraska State Fair Contests.

Special Garden Project, ‘Delft Blue’ Nigella

4-H families are invited to participate in a special garden project, growing the flower ‘Delft Blue’ Nigella. Seed packets are available April 30, on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost is $.50 for one seed packet per family. Please stop by the Extension office front desk to register, pay for and pick up your seeds. Office hours are Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. We are unable to take orders over the phone or reserve seeds in advance.

Horticulture Contest:

Plant List:

Identification Examples & Photos

How to Judge Horticulture Products

Grass, Forb, Crop and Weed ID Contest:

All grass and weed plants on the list are described in either the Weeds of the Great Plains (published by Nebraska Department of Agriculture, (402) 471-2394, Cost: $25.00) or in Common Grasses of Nebraska, EC170, (published by the Nebraska Extension, http://extensionpubs.unl.edu/, Cost: $5.00). There is not currently a crop identification guide available.

Tree ID Contest:

Contest Resources:

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