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About the Master Gardener Program

Master Gardener interns learn about a wide range of horticulture topics including soils, fertilizers, botany, plant selection, plant diseases, insects and weed control. Forty hours of classroom instruction gives them a good foundation in general horticulture, plus basic insect and disease control. After training, Master Gardener interns give back 40 hours of volunteer service in their community through a variety of activities.

At Nebraska Extension, we teach adults and youth in many different settings, from the county fair, to classrooms, and demonstration landscapes, and our Extension Master Gardener volunteers help us do that. The Extension Master Gardener program’s goal is to provide Nebraskans with the knowledge they need to create and maintain beautiful, healthy, sustainable landscapes, while conserving water, and protecting themselves and the natural environment from exposure to improperly applied or excessive amounts of pesticides and fertilizers.

Why get involved in the Extension Master Gardener program? First, because you love gardening. Each Master Gardener has their own special area of interest; a particular type of gardening or type of plant that they love to grow, whether it is roses, herbs, water plants, wildflowers, fruit trees or vegetables. Through the program, you will meet many great people who share your love of gardening and are always happy to share knowledge with you. And as a volunteer, you'll be making a contribution to your community, creating beautiful, sustainable greenspaces.

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The deadline has passed to apply for the 2018 Lancaster County regional Master Gardener program, encompassing gardeners most often from Cass, Lancaster, Otoe, Seward and York Application for Lancaster County Master Gardener Program

What if I don't live in Cass, Lancaster, Otoe, Seward or York county? Many Extension offices across Nebraska have similar programs. Outside Nebraska, contact your local Extension Office to find a program near you.

Master Gardener Resources
Training Resources - updated May 2017
  • Nebraska Extension Horticulture & Environmental Education Speaker's List

    We Teach...
    ...Composting | Tree & Flower Selection | Turfgrass Management | Growing Wildflowers...

    All speaker requests are subject to availability. Please note that due to the volume of requests received, groups are limited to one horticulture program request per year. A minimum of 30 days notice are required for all speaker visits. Staff will contact you with a confirmation call or e-mail. A $25.00 donation to the Nebraska Extension Master Gardener program is requested for all presentations and there may be an additional fee involved for supplies with certain programs.

    Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Project Requests

    Master Gardeners are a remarkable group of volunteers, trained by University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension, who participate in horticulture projects throughout Lancaster County. Master Gardeners are enthusiastic, willing to learn and help others, and able to communicate with diverse groups of people. To submit a request that your project be considered for Master Gardener involvement, please review the garden project guidelines and complete the project request form below

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