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If you are a Master Gardener, you are welcome to attend the Youth Education and/or Compost committee meetings, even if you did not indicate an interest on your Volunteer Activities form last spring. If you have questions about the commitees, or their activities, please contact the committee chairperson, Mary Jane Frogge, or Sarah Browning.

EVENT Committee

Master Gardener Event Committee Meeting Minutes:

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Youth Education Committee

Helping to create in youth a love of plants, an appreciation of nature, and an awareness of how they can protect the environment from pollution by humans. Committee Chairman - Gary Wells, Sandi Franks

Master Gardener Youth EducationCommittee Meeting Minutes:

Master Gardeners Working with Youth
Compost Committee

Compost Committee- Teaching best practices for utilization of landscape and household waste, to both youth and adult audiences. Committee Co-chairs - Jack MorrisCraig Hahn

Master Gardener Compost Committee Meeting Minutes:

Compost Group

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