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FCE Mission & Creed

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The purpose of this organization shall be to develop, strengthen, and correlate all interests which have for their purpose the advancement of home and community life in Lancaster County; to develop leadership and initiative among Lancaster County women; to formulate and develop the home extension program; to act in an advisory capacity in regard to the extension educator and to cooperate with the Lancaster County Extension Board in developing and carrying on the home extension program.

Nebraska Family and Community Education Club Creed:

I BELIEVE a nation is as strong as the communities of which it is composed,

I BELIEVE my community is as strong as its homes.

I BELIEVE as a homemaker, my responsibilities are:

  • To Guard the morals and ideas of my family;
  • the mental, physical, and spiritual health in my home.
  • To be myself without conceit, envy or false pride, that

I may seek and appreciate the better things in life.

To grow by study, observation and participation in the affairs of the home, community, nation, and world.

 To share what I have in talents, time, and material wealth with others.

I BELIEVE in my job as a homemaker, a magnificent challenge, with heartwarming compensations.

--Sharon Club, Lancaster County

For more information on FCE in Lancaster County, Nebraska, contact Lorene Bartos, Extension Educator at 402-441-7180. If you live outside of Lancaster County, contact your local Extension office.