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Preparing for House Guests

Submitted by Lorene Bartos, UNL Extension Educator

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The holiday day season is here. Families are cleaning and decorating as they get ready for a busy month of entertaining and house guests. Getting the home ready for holiday guests includes cleaning the home – room to room and top to bottom. One room in some homes it may be the guest room. In many homes this room becomes a storage or catch all room during the rest of the year. Preparing this room for holiday guests need not be a overwhelming task but one where you kill two birds with one stone. You give the room an extra thorough cleaning and you remove some of the things that needed to find a home, recycled or gotten rid of.

Start by removing the collected clutter. De-clutter the area by going through the papers, purchases, etc that have found a home in the room. Organize and find a new home, in the basement or closet, for the things you need to keep and recycle or toss the rest. This is a good time to clean a drawer or two.

Next take a look at the closet. This may be a good time to get rid of clothing that hasn't been worn for years and is taking up space. It also will make room for the guest to hang their clothes or a place to store extra blankets, etc. If there is not closet space provide an over the door hanger.

With the clutter gone it is time to "clean". Dust the room, including woodwork and furniture. Don't forget the ceiling fan and light fixtures. Clean the door handles. Disinfectant wipes work well for this. The bed is the most important item in the room. Make sure the bedding is clean and fresh. Look under the bed. This is a good time to pull everything out that is stored under the bed and make sure it is still needed. When putting back be sure nothing is sticking out.

Now move to the windows, screens and blinds – do a thorough cleaning in this area. A vacuum with attachments can make these tasks easier.

Make sure all electrical appliances are in working order, such as a TV or radio. Make sure the clock is set at the right time. Put new batteries in the remote and give it a trial run.

Last but not least vacuum the floors, don't forget the corners and behind the doors. Now give the room a final check. Is everything looking shinny and bright and ready for guests?

For a special touch in the room add a guest basket. It might include small size soaps, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste or tissues. Maybe include a toothbrush or other items they may have forgotten. A bottle of water or glass is another thought. Chocolate is always a nice touch.

Make sure there are extra towels, etc. handy for the guests.

Now that the bedroom has been transformed from a storage room to a guest room you are ready to move to the next tasks or preparing for the holidays. But first give yourself a reward for completing this task that in many cases was long over due.

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