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A Clean Home is a Healthy Home

Submitted by Lorene Bartos, UNL Extension Educator

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A clean safe home is important for your family's health and well being. Using common tips for a clean safe home will give your family an enjoyable place to live. Let's look at three rooms and see how we can keep them safe and clean.

The Bathroom

* Bacteria grows in moist environments. Keep the bathroom ventilated and dry to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

* Close the lid of the toilet before flushing, to help keep germs from spreading to nearby surfaces.

* Keep the shower door or curtain open after use, to allow them to dry and prevent mildew. If mildew does appear use household bleach or bleach based cleaners to remove stains.

* Towels and wash cloths should be changed regularly to insure freshness.

* Water leaves marks, if it is left to dry, so wipe down surfaces afer baths, showers and using the sink to prevent lime scale from forming.

* Make sure you and your family wash their hands after using the toilet

The Laundry

* Leave the dispenser drawer and front door on front load washing machines open to dry when not in use.

* Use the most suitable detergent product designed to allow you to take the best care of your clothes.

* Follow washing instructions on the detergent package and on your clothes for best results.

* Sort clothes colored and less or non-colored to avoid dye transfer.

* Take your clean laundry out of the machine as soon as possible and dry it. This will help keep unpleasant odors from developing.

The Kitchen

* Keep your refrigerator clean and cold.

* Begin by washing glasses and end with the most soiled items like pots and pans (to remove soil easily don't allow it to dry on) put items to soak after use and before cleaning.

* Regularly change your sponges and cleaning cloths. Keep them dry and clean by disinfecting to prevent build up of bacteria.

* Always clean surfaces and chopping boards immediately after use.

* Clean stove and microwave regularly.

Clean door knobs, light switches and outlets regularly.

Have a clean safe home by taking time to do simple cleaning tips.

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