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Last Minute Holiday Cleaning Tips

Submitted by Lorene Bartos, UNL Extension Educator

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With only a couple days to get ready for guest. Here are a few ideas to help have the home sparkling clean and guest-ready.

Coat Closet Clean-Out

Make room for guests' gear. Restock with hangers sturdy enough for winter coats.

Window Wonderland

Give the world a clear view of your lovely outdoor decorations by cleaning windows! New varieties of glass cleaners offer a range of fragrances, including berry, orange and lemon, to spice up your holiday cleaning.

Green and Clean

Houseplants deserve a holiday spruce-up. Wipe down broadleaf plants with a damp paper towel. For plants with smaller leaves, mist with a spray bottle filled with room temperature water.

Quick Fixes

For hassle-free cleaning now the holidays are in full swing, keep these items close at hand:

* Electrostatic dust cloths for spot dusting tabletops, TV screens, framed photos and knickknacks.

* Toilet brushes with biodegradable pads are particularly handy when more guests mean more traffic in the bathroom. Just brush, then flush the pad away.

* Disinfectant wipes at sink side in kitchens and bathrooms for quick clean up, and for disinfecting commonly touched, surfaces such as doorknobs and telephones.

* Window wipes to make smudges on windows and mirrors disappear in a wink. Besides on glass, most are also safe to use on chrome, stainless steel, plastic and vinyl surfaces.

With these last minute ideas and final touches on the home you are ready to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

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