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New Years Resolutions for the Home

Submitted by Lorene Bartos, UNL Extension Educator

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As 2012 comes to an end and 2013 arrives it is time to make some New Year's Resolutions for our home and family. By accomplishing one activity each month of the new year your home will be in good condition and its value will be maintained. These activities can include the whole family.

Some suggestions to start your list are:

  • Make a home maintenance plan for the year.
  • Make a family plan for sharing jobs around the home.
  • Plan for spring and fall house cleaning.
  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Check smoke detectors or install one if you do not have one.
  • Check or install a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Check the home for repairs that have been neglected.
  • Continue to recycle or start recycling in your home.
  • Clean closets and drawers and sell or give away items that have not been worn or used.
  • Have the furnace and chimney checked.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Wash windows inside and outside.
  • Practice the family fire escape plan.
  • Prepare or check the family emergency kit for the home and car.
  • Check outdoor equipment and prepare it for the season – lawn mower, snow blower, garden tools, etc.
  • Spend time outdoors doing yard or garden work.

The list and how it is prioritized will vary from family to family. The important thing is to take time to make the list and complete the tasks listed. Enjoy the holiday season and then start on your New Year's resolutions for the home.

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